ndependent Trading found a way to make decorators and end-users happy, by creating the perfect hooded sweatshirt. Their most popular style since the company was founded in 1987, the ND4000 was created to meet the high quality needs of the various action sport brands they we're manufacturing for. t's popularity comes from combining the durability, longevity and washability of blended fabrics, with the superior printability of 100% cotton.

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They did this by using a cotton/poly fabric mixture for the base and then adding on a 100% cotton face layer to the exterior of the garment.A 100% cotton face allows little to no-chance of colors in a design to bleed during printing, which assures your going to get the cleanest and sharpest image possible. t also allows you to use just about any kind of ink and printing process with no worries, keeping you stress free when decorating.

Aug 5, 2018
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