ver the years, American Apparel developed a large following among young adult shoppers in hip up-and-coming neighborhoods, mainly through the rapid expansion of it's retail stores. Each one was selling everything from t-shirts, to bathing suits & underwear. It tapped into the rebellious nature of the demographic through its edgy and sometimes risqué imagery, which sometimes overshadowed the product, but now, that's changing.


Now under the umbrella of Gildan Activewear Inc., they're continuing to channel the same youthful energy, but in a more exciting and tasteful way. They'll be more fun and engaging, according to brand marketing director, Sabina Weber. If you visit their site, you'll see examples of this is through design contests like #AAGetGraphic , and campaigns such as #AASelfie, where followers can model American Apparel fashion and be seen on the company's website.You can also expect them to stay connected to modern fashion, promote cultural diversity through it's marketing, and keep the spirit of responsible manufacturing alive through the use of it's high ethical standards.


Speaking of manufacturing, what about it's Made in the USA products, which the brand was highly known for? The American Apparel line will continue manufacturing a number of styles stateside, like the TR401US, F497US, 2001US, 2102US and the BB401US. The rest will be manufactured abroad using Gildan facilities throughout the world, and can be identified by the "W" at the end of a model number.Are the retail stores coming back, you ask? The short answer is, yes! American Apparel is opening 1 store in Los Angeles, during the fourth quarter of this year, but mainly as a test. Time will tell if it's retail stores will make a reappearance throughout the country, but for now, you can shop their entire selection at their online store.

Jul 15, 2018
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