tripes are finding their way onto everything in our lives, but they can be difficult to sell in the promotional market. To help us getting some insight on this bustling trend, we asked our Sales Rep, Megan Erber, for some tips.

S&S: Who is buying striped fashion?
Megan: Basically everyone. Stripes have become the new “black”. From suits to sweaters, they add an extra flare to any casual piece of apparel, giving it an extra touch.

S&S: How are you seeing stripes used in apparel?
I’m seeing stripes added to sleeves or to section apparel so it looks colorblocked or toned to give a plain look some jazz… The horizontal thicker stripes tend to be trending more so now.

S&S: Decorating striped apparel can be difficult. What are some ways to go about it?
It depends on the garment, however, I’d stay away from multi-colored imprints as it would cause a distraction to the actual striped gear. Contrasting embroidery always plays nicely with plaids and stripes. i.e. If printed on a blue strip – use white, if printed on a white strip, use blue.

S&S: How can distributors sell some of these fun styles to clients?
Print or Embroider Specs. Ask for samples from your outside sales reps on multiple pieces and have them embroidered with the clients logo. It’s easier to sell a piece if the client can touch, feel and SEE their logo on the concept that the sales rep is trying to push.

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Oct 19, 2017
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