Augusta’s Ron Kantor explains how their classic 3/4 baseball jersey (4420/4421) was revamped with a touch of modern fashion.

S&S: Tell us more about this classic.
AUGUSTA: “We have been making it (the baseball jersey) for over 25 years” and now it “finds itself out in front of the fashion world yet again.”

S&S: Why do you think this style regained its popularity?
AUGUSTA: “Retro looks are trending in retail and this fits right in as a retro raglan baseball jersey.”

S&S: What changes did you make to it for 2018?
AUGUSTA: “We reshaped it for a more comfortable neck line/drop” making it “a little more modern.”

S&S: Who would make the best customer for this style?
AUGUSTA: “Everyone – It is a perfect look.  From Greek life to a softball team, from a restaurant uniform to a family re-union.”

S&S: Any tips for decorating it?
AUGUSTA: “The best part about the Augusta 4420 is the ease of decoration.  It is constructed with a 50/50 poly/cotton fabric that all decorators are familiar with, use daily, and can decorate easily.”

SEE MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE 4420/4421 HERE: http://www.ssactivewear.com/p/augusta_sportswear/4420

Dec 7, 2017
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