onnie Alschuler, of Burnside, tells us that the NEW SNAP FLANNEL is one to watch in 2018....Burnside is introducing "The Snap" (style 8219) to their flannel lineup and they think your customers are going to LOVE IT! "It's the fashion evolution of the flannel category," says Alschuler. The uniquely designed chest pockets and snap closures, give this flannel shirt a touch of modernity.But who is the Snap Flannel best suited for? "Any male 40 and younger," Alschuler says. "Just Kidding! I'm a lot older and wear this look with regularity." The best thing about this snap flannel is that it's ageless, making it an attractive option across all age groups. You'll see plaid on just about anyone from younger students on college campuses to seasoned workers at the office.The Decorating Challenge.As fashionable as these flannel styles are, sometimes it can be hard to visualize them being decorated. However, with the right approach, designs can look amazing on them."Due to the busy nature of the plaid designs, solid color decoration gives more impact and sticks out" better from the busy patterns. ​CLICK HEE to see MOE about the SNAP FLANNEL

Jan 21, 2018
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