ave you ever considered how agriculture and fashion are so intrinsically connected? Farmers grow the materials that go into the textiles, and thus they’re the foundation of every fashionable piece you see online or in a store.

Take cotton, for example. Textile manufacturers in the U.S. use an average of 7.6 million bales of cotton each year. As a leading cash crop, it aids in stimulating the American economy and provides significant environmental benefits.

Are you ready to start supporting the local economy and environment? Here’s why you should consider working more with brands who choose material grown in the U.S.

The Impact of U.S. Cotton

Growing the Economy

Of the thousands of cotton growers in America, many are family-owned farms whose rural communities depend on stable farm income. In fact, the crop is responsible for employing over 126,000 people and bringing in more than $120 billion in business revenue for the U.S. annually. Of the total annual yield, more than half is used for apparel!

The #cotton crop is responsible for employing over 126,000 people and bringing in more than $120 billion in business revenue for the U.S. annually.CLICK TO TWEET

Also, cotton is more than just its fibers. An often overlooked—yet extremely beneficial element—is the cottonseed produced with the fiber. Cottonseed production is used to feed livestock, and cottonseed oil is used in everything from salad dressings to margarine. So, brands that source U.S. grown cotton are not only supporting the farming community, but also ranchers and manufacturers.

In addition to stimulating the local economy, American cotton growers are committed to reducing their environmental footprint and adopting sustainable practices.

Committed to Sustainability

American cotton farms have one of the highest adoption rates of Precision Agriculture—which encourages less water and pesticide usage—in the world. This process allows double the production from each acre with reduced impact. As a carbon footprint neutral crop, the plant removes more greenhouse gasses than production produces.

With U.S. farmers subject to stringent regulations, significant improvements have been made in reducing environmental impacts over the last 35 years. At a recent Cotton Sourcing USA Summit, the Cotton Council International president discussed the integration of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol (a data collection, measurement and verification procedure) as a tool to reach 2025 sustainability goals.

So, why should this matter to you? There’s a whole new generation of young, conscious shoppers who value economic and resource sustainability.

A New Generation of Conscious Shoppers

Younger shoppers are more conscious about the products they use and buy. In fact, 73 percent of Millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, and 45 percent of Millennial women consider a brand’s sustainability practices as a top influence of purchase. A study done by the NDP Group also supports this, which found that Gen Z is willing to spend as much as 15 percent more on sustainably produced clothing.

One brand supporting the U.S. economy and sustainability initiatives is ComfortWash.

A Green Brand Customers Will Love

The ComfortWash line features 21 garment dyed colors in seven stylish silhouettes. The cotton used in their jersey and fleece fabrics is sourced from American farms—100 percent American grown, ringspun tees. The sweats feature an 80/20 fabric blend of American grown cotton to polyester.

Here are just a few of our favorites below:

Garment Dyed Short Sleeve T-Shirt With a Pocket

Featured as the Pantone color of the year, this ‘coral craze’ pocket tee is fashionable and comfy. You can even get crafty with a design using the pocket as inspiration!

Garment Dyed Unisex Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt

No matter the season, everyone loves a classic hoodie. This cut and sew garment is featured in ‘cypress green’, which is a current trendy color across the runways.  

Garment Dyed Unisex Tank Top

A summer staple, this tank top is breathable, lightweight and perfect for screen printing fun designs.

By choosing ComfortWash, you’re helping to support our local economy and can be assured the cotton is yielded using sustainable practices, which your customers will love!

S&S Activewear is proud to carry a handful of these fashionable pieces that are perfect for your next order.

Mar 7, 2019
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