With all the t-shirt options out there, it can be really challenging for end-users to figure out which options are best for them. So the team at S&S Activewear, got together and developed a “Better Basics” guide, which lists the ‘Top 3’ styles within the most popular t-shirt categories (Cotton, Blends and Triblends).

Let’s take a look at the “Cotton” page. If someone is looking for a tee that has a “soft feel” and resembles a higher-end “retail” quality shirt, then you’d recommend the Bella + Canvas 3001, which is labeled as being the “BEST” option in this category.

But if someone just needs a decent option at the lowest price point possible, then you could recommend the Fruit of the Loom SF45R, which isn’t as soft as the 3001, but still considered a “Good” option in this category.

Most of the time, people are looking for some kind of guidance, when making a purchase, and it’s no different for tees. Breaking it down to 3 choices (Good, Better and BEST), makes it easier for them to understand the differences between the quality of each t-shirt, it narrows down their options, and also helps you paint a better picture for why they might benefit from spending a little more money than they originally planned to.

You can use this system of selling for any category of products, and both you and your clients will benefit from it greatly!

So what are you waiting for? Use this guide as inspiration and start creating more lists of Good, Better and Best products for your business today.

Jul 10, 2017
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