very distributor has their list of favorite brands to use for those simple, everyday orders on a budget, and Alternative is ready to be one of them, with their new “Go-To Collection.” So, why should you be excited about this? Because, it was created specifically for YOU, the distributor.

Lower Prices? Tell Me More.

“The Go-To Collection was developed as a response to growing customer requests for lower pricing and more colors in their favorite, best-selling styles,” says Kevin Miles, Sr. Marketing Manager at Alternative Apparel. “With the buying power of our parent company, Hanes, we were able to negotiate lower prices with our vendors, without changing anything about the garments. The best part is that Alternative is giving that savings directly back to the customer, through the Go-To Collection. Everything in the collection is still the same quality and softness.

That lower pricing is key in helping to give distributors the ability to offer premium fashion basics (which are also retail-facing at Alternative’s stores in New York and California, as well as on their consumer website) to customers on even the smallest of budgets. End-users want the best bang for their buck and Alternative is helping them get just that. “In addition to the retail element of our brand, we also pride ourselves in designing our styles from the yarn up. We have 17 proprietary fabrics and will continue to add more in the Fall of this year.”

A Brand Customers Can Believe In.

The Go-To Collection offers much more to customers than just access to better fashion basics, though. It’s giving them the chance to purchase from a brand they can believe in. “We are a sustainable brand that uses low impact dyes, [along with] recycled and organic materials. Knowing that Alternative conserves 860K gallons of water and recycles 1.8 million plastic bottles per year, can make you feel good about the clothes we make,” says Miles.

Knowing that @AlternativeApp conserves 860K gallons of water & recycles 1.8 million plastic bottles per year, can make you feel good about the clothes they make.CLICK TO TWEET

This is one of the big reasons why their brand is increasing in popularity, and even has Alternative Apparel showing up in film productions, magazines and celebrities’ wardrobes. It’s not surprising though, given that studies have shown 73 percent of Millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, and 45 percent of Millennial women consider a brand’s sustainability practices as a top influence of purchase. It’s important, now more than ever, for people to buy from brands they can believe in, making Alternative’s Go-To Collection even more beneficial to your business and customers on a tight budget.

Looking for a style recommendation? Caroline Pitts, Marketing Assistant at Alternative, suggests the Slinky V-Neck. It “has always been a best-seller in the retail stores and on our website, and it continues to do well, especially with the new colors we have for Spring 19.”

You can find all 12 styles in the Go-To Collection at ssactivewear.com.

May 13, 2019
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