Episode 22: “Turn Your Hobby Into A Money Making Machine”

Scott Dawson tells us how he turned a love for motorcycles into a booming decorating business

Episode 21: “Printing T-shirts For the Cause”

Rick Roth joins the show to share his road to, with producing apparel for various causes linked to human rights campaigns.

Episode 20: “ How to Slay the ‘Money Monster’ ”

In this episode, she talks about how fine tuning your operation can actually increase your profits and finally slay that monster."

Episode 19: “How Embracing Tik Tok Can Help Your Business"

A lot of people think Tik Tok is all about song and dance, but it can be so much more for your business. Natasha Rawls gives us her approach.

Episode 18: “Be Your Authentic True Self."

On this episode, she tells us what it takes to be successful as a Certified Women-Owned and LGBT company, in this highly competitive industry.