t’s no secret that many people gain tremendous insight and inspiration from reading books. Because many people tend to buy and share their favorite books as holiday presents, on today’s episode of Success Stories, we’ve asked a wide array of industry leaders to give us their favorite tips and recommendations for books that they have enjoyed this year.

We’ve asked a wide array of industry leaders to share their favorite book recommendations with us, to help you get inspired going into the new year. You’ll hear from:

  • Mark Graham
  • Charity Gibson
  • Roger Burnett
  • Jay Busselle
  • Tom Rauen
  • Jeff Solomon
  • Brian Rainey
  • Mark Kapczynski
  • Mark Coudray
  • Nate Leber
  • Shawn LaFave
  • and of course, Marshall himself

You’ll also hear from some of our staff, here at S&S, because we love books too! Whether you’re looking for a new book to give you an edge over the competition, or trying to find the perfect gift for your staff, we’ve got you covered in this special episode.

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Dec 9, 2020

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