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Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
ESG at S&S Activewear

Our Mission

At S&S Activewear, community is everything – our relationships are the foundation of who we are. Comprised of our team members, suppliers, vendors, and customers, our community is the driving force behind our goal to make meaningful change.

To meet our goals of positive environmental and social impact, we’re making it our mission to create a path towards cleaner and more sustainable energy, greater well-being for our community, and improved ethical business practices. Commitment to delivering real change means we need our community to help us work towards these same goals.

Together, we can move faster and have a larger impact than ever before.

Our Goals

We’re working hard to understand where we stand on ESG matters as an organization. Our goal for 2023 is to effectively capture relevant data so that we can measure our performance and set meaningful goals for the future.

We are working hard to set a foundation that can be used as a basis for committing to Science Based Targets. Learn more about what these commitments mean here.

Our Pillars

ESG at S&S Activewear - Textile Recycling Program - Grants - Environment


As a leader in the wholesale industry for apparel and accessories, we have a responsibility to continuously evaluate and set high standards for ourselves and our partners. Our internal and supplier codes of conducts are more than just documents, they are the foundation from which we’ve built an integrity driven business.
View our ethics statement and standards
ESG at S&S Activewear - Textile Recycling Program - Grants - Environment


We care about our people. That’s why we’re continuing to focus on improving the health and well-being of our employees, creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, and giving back to the communities in which we live and work.
Learn more about our key focus areas
ESG at S&S Activewear - Textile Recycling Program - Grants - Environment


We’re deeply committed to reducing our environmental impact. We’ve made great strides and yet we know our work isn’t done. We’re continuing to assess our business operations to determine how we can further cut emissions and reduce resource consumption.
Learn about our environmental initiatives

Our Highlights

ESG at S&S Activewear - People Icon
Women hold 46% of leadership roles
ESG at S&S Activewear - Ethics Icon
Over 12,000 hours of safety training in 2022
ESG at S&S Activewear - Environment Icon
75% of our distribution facilities are powered by solar
ESG at S&S Activewear - Philanthropy Icon
Through the S&S Grant Program and other avenues we’ve donated over $360,000 worth of apparel

Our Governance

Maintaining strong governance is critical to driving our ongoing progress and results. As part of this corporate oversight, we have founded our ESG Department, ESG Executive Steering Committee, and our nominated ESG Committee.

ESG Team
Our ESG Team consists of our Chief Legal Officer and ESG Specialist. Tasked with oversight, management, and maintenance of all programming and initiatives relating to sustainability, reporting, and compliance. Additionally, in partnership with HR they oversee initiatives pertaining to our people, communities, and corporate philanthropy.
ESG Executive Steering Committee
Meeting once a quarter, our ESG Executive Steering Committee consists of our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief People Officer, Chief Sales Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Transformation & Technology Officer, Chief Legal Officer, and our ESG Specialist. This committee is tasked with presenting opportunities for growth, updates on action items, and making decisions for continual success and growth of the program. Through the work of this committee, we're able to align priorities and overcome roadblocks on complex projects and initiatives.
ESG Committee
Meeting monthly, our ESG Committee consists of appointed members from each department including marketing, HR, finance, IT, sales, customer service, and operations. This committee is tasked with implementing action items, assisting with the rollout of new initiatives, providing feedback on planned projects, and assisting with reporting.

Summing Up Some Wins

ESG at S&S Activewear - Wins
75% of our distribution facilities are powered by Solar
ESG at S&S Activewear - Wins
Women hold 46% of leadership roles
ESG at S&S Activewear - Wins
2023 commitment to train 100% of management employees in ethics
ESG at S&S Activewear - Wins
YTD we have donated over $150,000 worth of apparel and footwear through our community engagement initiatives

Here’s What Our Leaders Have to Say

" At S&S, we are committed to responsible growth. We believe this means understanding and addressing our impact on the environment and people. In 2023, we are working to do just that – understand the impact we are having so that we can pursue meaningful goals that improve the lives of people and protect the planet while simultaneously rolling out policies and initiatives that will make an immediate impact. "
- Frank Myers, Chief Executive Officer
frank myers portrait, ceo of s&s activewear

Need to Get in Touch?

For more information or questions on Make an Imprint, please feel free to contact us at esg@ssactivewear.com.