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The Fair Use Defense: What is it and How does it Apply to Businesses?

The proliferation of appropriation art—or art that intentionally copies another person’s work and alters it in some way—has been at the forefront of a
Business Advice

Overcome These 4 Fears About Selling Apparel Right Now

When Howard Potter, CEO of Utica, NY-based A&P Master Images, first started his decorated-apparel business, he operated from a 15-foot-by-15-foot...
Business Advice

4 Things to Consider to Hire the Right Employee

Behind every good business are good people; the focused, passionate, reliable people representing your company along every step of the customer journe
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Pricing Your Screenprinting Business for Profit: What You Need to Know

Every business owner has faced the challenge of pricing their products and services. It’s a difficult task to find that happy medium between profitabi
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Printing on Polyester: Screenprinting vs. Sublimation Printing

When printing custom apparel on natural fibers there are several methods to choose from, but when it comes to printing on 100 percent polyester or pol
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The Importance of Saving Money

The most basic tenant of business is that to be successful, you must earn more than you spend. But even more important is saving money for a rainy day