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Decorating Tips

How to Print on QuikFlip Hoodies Like A Pro

Learn how to print on QuikFlip hoodies and give clients double the impressions.
Decorating Tips

Is Accepting Rush Orders Good For Your Business?

In an industry that revolves around fast turnarounds, getting requests for rush orders can really be a burden.

4 Trends Taking Over Band Merch

Not only is it a great marketing tool to generate awareness and revenue for the talent, it’s an easy way for fans to feel connected to their favorite
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The Fair Use Defense: What is it and How does it Apply to Businesses?

The proliferation of appropriation art—or art that intentionally copies another person’s work and alters it in some way—has been at the forefront of a

Tommy Hilfiger: America’s Favorite Preppy Brand

Following bankruptcy in the late ‘70s from his first apparel business, The People’s Place, Tommy Hilfiger set out to master not only the creative...
Decorating Tips

5 Tips for Successful Custom Embroidery

Often when the term “custom apparel” is heard, our minds jump to the ubiquitous methods of </span><a href="