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Boost Your Profits With Packaging That Pops

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Boost Your Profits With Packaging That Pops

ousehold names like Apple and McDonald's have mastered the art of custom packaging. Now, we instantly connect a plain white box imprinted with a minimalist fruity logo or spot the orange and red Happy Meal carrier, creating an immediate brand recall. Packaging is the initial touchpoint for any brand and can influence consumer perceptions of your company, according to a study that found 76% of people rated premium custom packaging as preferable to its plainly packaged counterparts.

If you sell logoed promo products or wearables, offering your clients custom packaging can increase their brand power – and add to your bottom line.

“Branded packaging plays a pivotal role in creating a more favorable and lasting impact on the recipient, influencing how they perceive a companyPackaging serves as the first tangible point of contact with a brand, setting the tone for the overall experience.”
Nicky Adamkiewicz, owner of LPB Designs and The Sassy Subber

Distributors and decorators who add custom branded packaging to their repertoire not only stand out from competitors but also give their businesses a unique edge, ultimately boosting their services and growing the bottom line.

The Opportunity and ROI of Custom Packaging

The market for product packaging design services reached $24.6 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow to $32.4 billion by 2030. This growth is driven by consumers who prefer packaging that's both visually appealing and informative. Notably, 72% of American consumers link their purchase decisions to how appealing a product’s packaging design is – giving your shop a big opportunity with a service to sell.

Packaging photo submitted by The Sassy Subber

“When a package is well-crafted and adorned with a company’s logo and theme, it creates excitement and anticipation with recipients,” Adamkiewicz says.

“The sender should aim to engage a minimum of two out of the five senses, incorporate an emotional factor, and voila, you've just created a core memory for the recipient. This attention to detail signals to the recipient that the company cares about the whole customer journey.”
Nicky Adamkiewicz, owner of LPB Designs and The Sassy Subber

An exceptional unboxing experience encourages repeat purchases, and also establishes a positive initial impression, creating an emotional bond with customers.

“Everyone wants experiences. Custom packaging is a great tool to create an impactful brand experience. That’s why unboxing a professionally created package taps into the senses and evokes positive feelings and emotions that connect a recipient to your company and brand.”
Linda Milano, owner of CFB Promotional Products

Furthermore, if your packaging is distinctive and bears your brand, 40% of consumers are likely to share images of it on social media. Additionally, 55% of those who view unboxing videos say the video played a role in their decision to buy the product. Milano adds, "Often, recipients create unboxing videos that reach social media, providing extended brand exposure."

When you’re thinking about packaging, remember that there’s plenty of space to put a logo or message. As Milano says, "Using the generous real estate on packaging makes your message cleaner and more powerful."

Unlimited Possibilities for Branded Packaging

There are many creative possibilities that exist with packaging ranging from different materials, shapes, sizes and decoration techniques. “We ask lots of questions to understand our client’s needs, goals, quantity needs, distribution channels and budget,” Milano says. “Once we understand the purpose of the project, we discuss branded merch options and suggest custom packaging to elevate the message they’re trying to send.”

Here’s how Milano breaks down her recommendations:

●      For smaller quantities and budgets, she suggests Eurototes or some type of bag or even a pillow pod.

●      For mailing documents or letter-sized goodies, Milano selects priority mailer-style envelopes or poly-shipping envelopes printed with vibrant graphics.

●      For bulkier promo products, stock-sized or custom corrugated boxes are available, including custom-shaped designs. “One example is the Little White House Donut Gable Box — shaped like a house — as a memorable prospecting gift or thank-you for real estate and home services, versatile for filling with doughnuts or even items like t-shirts and tumblers,” she says.

●      Higher-end options include materials such as wood, aluminum or even corrugated or paperboard boxes that incorporate near field communication (NFC) technology for a digital experience. “In case you didn’t know, NFC tech on a package enables interactive experiences with a smartphone, so recipients can instantly access your digital content or information by simply tapping their device near the package,” Milano says.

Photo of packaging submitted by North Georgia Promotions

The team at NGA Promotions screen prints their logo on at least two sides of blank boxes, and imprints larger boxes on the inside flaps. They also use DTF transfers for special, smaller orders for some added zing.  

“Our clients like seeing NGA-logoed boxes arrive, similar to the Amazon Prime effect. Having an imprinted box – whether it’s your direct client or your client’s recipient – looks more appealing and creates an overall feeling than a generic, no-imprint box.”
Shawn LaFave, president at NGA Promotions

For her Sassy Subber brand, Adamkiewicz developed a color theme of teal in three shades, plus black, white and gray. “My recipients instantly know who the package is from before they even open the package,” she says. “A brand should speak for itself, even when you’re not around.”

Go Beyond the Basics

A complete branded experience demonstrates attention to detail and signals that every aspect of your business is unique, not generic. Distributors and decorators who know their stuff offer custom packaging with added perks like personalized greeting cards, custom-printed tissue paper, protective insert trays, decorative belly bands, bows, hang tags, decals, stickers, and even custom tape or ribbon with shrink wrapping.

It all comes together to create a special theme and ensure a memorable experience for the recipient. “These additional touches are an opportunity to tie your theme together and wow the recipient,” says Milano, who offers clients all of these enhancements. As an incentive for his A-level clients, LaFave offers packaging add-ons as a freebie.

“We wrap orders in tissue paper and secure them with decals featuring their logo. By doing this at no cost to the client, we’re giving more than our competitors do.”
Shawn LaFave, president at NGA Promotions

The idea is to take already-custom packaging up a notch, by getting creative with special enhancements. “You can jazz up packaging on a budget by throwing in a basic sticker or stamp or using a cool color theme,” Adamkiewicz says.

Sustainable Success With Packaging

About 72% of American consumers prefer to receive products in reused or recyclable packaging. Plus, 74% of younger buyers are more likely to choose one product vs. another based on how sustainable it is. That’s why it's a good idea to suggest environmentally friendly boxes and packing materials to clients who prioritize sustainability or have customers who appreciate eco-friendly choices.

Pitching Personalized Packaging to Customers

While there’s a cost to upgrade to custom packaging, Milano asks her clients to consider what the cost of not choosing custom packaging may be.

“This starts the conversation and the creative process of upleveling the project. In a world with such limited attention spans, custom packaging provides an opportunity to make a lasting first impression and exemplify your brand within seconds.”
Linda Milano, owner of CFB Promotional Products

Another way LaFave and Adamkiewicz position custom packaging is that it turns a nice product into one that’s truly memorable. “Start by highlighting the 'wow' factor – how custom packaging can transform your client’s brand from average to outstanding,” Adamkiewicz says.

“Connect the dots for them, explaining how the packaging is an extension of their unique brand story, incorporating colors and logos that scream ‘them.’ Emphasize the importance of standing out in the crowd, since custom packaging is their secret weapon to avoid blending into the background.”

Photo of packaging submitted by North Georgia Promotions

Then, emphasize the emotional side. The unboxing experience alone turns receiving a custom branded package into a small celebration, highlighting more than just the product. If your client has budget concerns, explain that custom packaging can be very cost-effective, whether it’s a stylish logo sticker or a splash of brand colors, offering impactful options without breaking the bank.

“For clients to believe in your pitch, you should also visually give them the goods by mocking up packaging elements with their brand and logo, since the proof’s in the pudding,” Adamkiewicz says. “Finally, give them relatable examples on how custom packaging can make their brand pop.”

The Name of the Packaging Game

In Adamkiewicz’s world of crafting branded packaging, versatility is the name of the game. “You need to meet all of your clients’ diverse needs,” she says. “I cook up everything from mailers to bags, boxes and custom solutions that dance to each client’s specific tune.”

Every interaction with a brand is an opportunity to create a lasting memory. “By encouraging your clients to extend their brand into packaging, they not only enhance the overall presentation but also solidify a positive and memorable experience for the recipient,” Adamkiewicz says. “This attention to detail not only elevates the perceived value of the product, but also reinforces the brand identity in the audience’s mind.”

Feb 4, 2024