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Could GraphicsFlow Be the Time-Saver Distributors Are Looking For?

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Could GraphicsFlow Be the Time-Saver Distributors Are Looking For?

eing able to give your clients a seamless ordering experience, along with a creative and on-trend final product is ultimately what really separates you from the competition. 

So, not only do you have to find time to keep up on the latest design and fashion trends, but also to handle or monitor sales calls, production, fulfillment, and administrative work. With workloads like that, anything that can help you save on time is a welcomed gift.

Enter GraphicsFlow, a new platform developed by the team at InkSoft. The goal of this project was to create an all-in-one graphics workflow solution that could help decorators and distributors save on time and pump out the freshest designs for their clients. Here are a few common problems GraphicsFlow was meant to take on.

Artwork is time consuming.

One of the biggest devourers of time in the whole sales process come from artwork consultations with clients. It can especially be an even bigger bottleneck for promotional distributors, in particular, making GraphicsFlow a more optimal solution for entrepreneurs and sales teams. 

"This is putting the power in hands of the sales people…they can solve 90% of the art communication challenges right there in the field, because now it’s all mobile and they'll have everything they need."
Scott Allen, CEO of InkSoft & GraphicsFlow

Scott Allen, CEO of InkSoft & GraphicsFlow, said their goal with this platform was to take an amazing library of graphics and marry it with technology that would solve the biggest art challenges for its users.

"You go talk to a customer. You get their ideas. You send it to the art department. The art department is busy. The art department takes a week. They get it back to you and it turns into a 2-3 week process," Allen says.

Now in one place, you're getting a library of over 25,000 vectorized, print-ready and fully customizable graphics, along with a built-in art approval system and tools to present options to your clients. So with this platform, you can search for and modify a design, send it right to a client for approval, download and store it – all in the same place.

Scott Creagan, owner of Graphic Connection, has had some positive experiences with GraphicsFlow. His team had to brainstorm a variety of ideas to find the perfect balance between high-quality artwork and cost-effectiveness for their client. Because of all the options available and how easy the platform is to use, they were able to customize a few designs on GraphicsFlow by quickly dropping in lettering, and changing the coloring to meet the client’s branding. In a few hours, they were able to create multiple mockups for their client to review.

“The team created about 7-10 designs, and the customer loved every one of them...They told me it was the best artwork they’d ever seen.”
Scott Creagan, owner of Graphic Connection

Access to quality designs.

Hiring a top-notch graphic designer can be really expensive, so GraphicsFlow is trying to solve that problem too, by gathering up the best talent for their platform.

"We're hiring the best artists in the industry. Creating amazing content, and then spreading that over thousands of customers."
Scott Allen, CEO of InkSoft & GraphicsFlow

So, companies that can't afford to staff a graphic designer, now have access to artwork from some of the best out there.

Never misplace graphics again.

Another benefit is the added storage space you get for your clients' designs. If you have a tough time keeping track of artwork on your computer, this gives you a place to store those files, search for and preview them with ease.

It also eliminates those common issues we've all had with typical file storage solutions that don't allow us to preview adobe or other vectored files, making them harder to find. Check out the video below to see more about how this works.

Staying relevant is key.

When you walk into a doctor's office, you expect that they'll be knowledgeable about the latest treatments, prescription drugs and illnesses. In the same way, your clients are hoping you'll be knowledgeable about apparel, the latest fashion trends and the kind of designs that will appeal to the masses. Because of how important that is, the team over at GraphicsFlow made sure you'd never be off-trend ever again.

"We're always trying to use GraphicsFlow to help our customers drive more sales. It's not just about art."
- Scott Allen, CEO of InkSoft & GraphicsFlow

One of the ways their doing that is by making sure you're using artwork that's reflective of modern design trends. "We come out with new fresh art content every month. And, that's basically new – relevant – retail trends that can help create new sales opportunities. For example, if it's Back-to-School, we'll pump in some BTS concepts and marketing advice 60-90 days before the season starts," Allen says.

That can be a real game changer for your business because not only are you able to offer your clients an enormous library of really cool artwork, but more importantly, it’ll always be relevant to the latest design trends. And, even if you're client is looking for something to be built from the ground up, the GraphicsFlow library can also become a reference that you can draw inspiration from, since it’ll have elements commonly used in today’s designs.

All in all, GraphicsFlow presents distributors with another solution to help relieve some of the stresses that come with their everyday orders. Whether you're trying to find a new source of fresh designs, optimize your workflow, or ease up client interactions, this platform was developed with distributors and decorators in mind.

*** If you'd like to give GraphicsFlow a test drive, they currently have a promotion running that'll give you the first 30-days free. To take advantage of it, all you have to do is enter the promo code GETFLOW, when you can create an account here.

Aug 22, 2021