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Have You Been Active Lately?

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Have You Been Active Lately?

When you’re stuck at home, it becomes really tempting to relax and let yourself go a bit. But now more than ever, we need to make sure we stay active. According to Healthline.com, regular exercise can:

  1. Improve your mood, decreasing feelings of depression, anxiety and stress.
  2. Improve brain function, protecting memory and thinking skills.
  3. Help you relax and get better sleep.

Those are all things we’ll definitely need to help us all get creative and figure out how to manage our businesses during this time. So don’t give into the temptation of becoming too relaxed during your work-from-home days. Try some of these easy exercises to keep yourself active and working in peak performance.

Get Some Quick Pushups In

Wanna get some quick exercise in, but can’t tear yourself away from the computer? Try getting in a few chair pushups. See if you can work yourself up to a set of 20 and start increasing that number as you begin to get comfortable with the routine.

Take a Quick Jog Around the House

If your not big on jogging or aren’t used to long jogging sessions, don’t let that discourage you. Livestrong.com suggests “you can start with 10 minutes of brisk walking and gradually build up to a nonstop jog of 30 minutes or more,” overtime as you begin getting used to the workout.

Jump! Jump!

Who doesn’t love jumping around for a little while. Try getting some jumping jacks during the day. Healthline.com recommends beginning “by doing just a few at a low to moderate intensity.” Then you can begin working “up to doing two sets of 10 or more repetitions.”

f you’re looking for ways to stay in touch with your clients, send them some performance gear, with some clever messaging that’ll keep them motivated to stay active. Check out a few ideas here or download the flyer below to share with customers.


Apr 6, 2020