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How Inksoft's Fundraising Feature Is Keeping Decorators Afloat During COVID

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How Inksoft's Fundraising Feature Is Keeping Decorators Afloat During COVID

uring times like these, you’d think that buying t-shirts is the last thing on anyone’s mind, but now they’re more valuable than ever. Using InkSoft’s fundraising feature, decorators around the country have started creating fundraising campaign sites, to help support local businesses and keep their shops running.

These campaign sites are loaded up with t-shirts, each being decorated with the logo of local businesses, from around town. People can then find their favorite restaurant or shop’s tee on the site, and when they buy one, part of the proceeds will go directly to that business. It’s a win win for everyone, that’s turned into a major movement all around the industry, known as #HereForGood.

Shirt Kong, located just outside of the St. Louis area, first heard about this idea from the shop that started it all, Tiny Little Monster. Soon after that, they put together a fundraising site of their own, and $10 from each sale went directly to a business in St. Louis.

It’s inspiring to see how businesses are joining forces to help their communities and each other, during this national crisis. The value of these campaigns also goes beyond raising money as well. The shirts sold during these fundraisers will become walking billboards for local businesses across the country, and have the potential to continue to supporting them well after things return to normal again. That the kind of local promotion and support is priceless, especially for the smaller shops around town. If you’re thinking about doing something similar for your local community, here’s a look at one way you can get started.

How You Can Join the Movement

Both Shirt Kong and Tiny Little Monster utilized InkSoft webstores to build their fundraising campaigns. These sites have given t-shirts a new meaning, and if you’re looking to join the #HopeForGood movement, check out the video below to learn more about InkSoft’s fundraising feature.

Don’t Miss the FREE “Here for Good” Webinar

Click the link below and join our friends at InkSoft for a FREE live webinar to hear more about the ‘Here for Good’ fundraising campaign program.

Apr 10, 2020