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How Long Will Sales Opportunities Last for Masks?

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How Long Will Sales Opportunities Last for Masks?

s distributors and decorators begin to see “stay-at-home” restrictions slowly being lifted across the country, people are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But, the question of what business will look like, even after restrictions are lifted, still looms large.

Because there’s lots of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its lasting effect on our society, we may see businesses and the general public continue to take precautionary measures for the foreseeable future.

As a result, our society may start to think differently about how we interact and do business with each other on a daily basis. That kind of change, can often open up new markets of opportunity, and decorated face masks are becoming just that.

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Information Is Changing Our Mindset

A recent article in Forbes magazine pointed out a study revealing:

“Just one minute of loud speaking could generate at least a thousand virus-containing little droplets of fluid that may hang in the air for over eight minutes.”

Information like that has been popping up all over the place, making people hyperaware of how easily someone could become infected.

That means it’s very likely society will continue to embrace wearing accessories like face masks for a very long time, making them a viable stream of income for decorators and distributors in the long term. If you haven’t begun to add decorated masks to your offering, the time to do so is right now.

Decorated Masks Could Show Up Everywhere

Helen Jon Fashion Face Masks @ S&S Activewear

In a Washington Post article, Marc Katz, CEO of Custom Ink says: “In the fall, you could see it evolving to the point where law firms want like, super high-end masks embroidered with their logos for their attorneys to wear.” Also think of what meetings, conventions and workshops might look like moving forward. In those settings, organizers and sponsors may want to distribute masks decorated with their logo, a fun design or special message.

To get these opportunities, though, you’ll definitely want to setup some kind of webstore, where you can sell decorated masks, or customizable ones. On InkSoft’s blog, Jeremy Picker, CEO of apparel design firm AMB3R Creative, says:

“If you’re not offering wares in a way that’s accessible to consumers, your competition probably is. At a time when buying journeys are largely remote, and consumers are prioritizing convenience, online stores make your business offerings not just possible, but attractive.

That rings truer now more than ever before. Even though restrictions are being lifted around the country, “stay-at-home” orders have been in place so long, that society has adapted even more to online shopping and delivery. The online scene for decorated apparel and accessories is becoming more competitive as a result, and you don’t want to get left behind.

Get Your Decorated Masks Online


The “Here For Good” campaigns popping up to help local businesses stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, have made InkSoft a popular choice for easily starting up themed webstores. And with suppliers like us continuing to add more and more mask options to our inventory, it’s relatively easy to get a variety of mask options up on your site.

Even if sales for masks do ween off a bit, the online presence could still provide a backup revenue stream for your business. “In times of economic instability, that backup revenue stream provides a safety net of liquid cash. Having a direct-to-consumer online store acts as the ideal solution for diversification, because it doesn’t require many (physical or human) resources to stay running, but it still brings earnings in,” Picker says.

Face masks are probably here to stay for quite a while, and now is the time to capitalize on them. As the country reopens, people will still need protection, and whether they’re using a mask with a company logo, fancy pattern, funny design, or an uplifting message, the important thing is that you’re the one to provide it for them.

May 24, 2020
S&S Activewear