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Tips On Planning Your Goals For The New Year

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Tips On Planning Your Goals For The New Year

2022 is right around the corner, so this is the perfect opportunity to set goals for yourself, your business, and your future. However, while many of us are ambitious in setting goals, we, unfortunately, aren’t always great at keeping them. A study by U.S. News showed 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the first week of February. We know, this statistic isn’t exactly encouraging, but we’re going to help you out with some tips for planning, and keeping your 2022 goals and resolutions.

Tips for Setting Your Goals

Whether you are planning personal or professional goals it can be hard to know where to start. Having a set of guidelines to apply to each goal will help you choose ones that are doable. Start SMART and set goals that are:

  1. Specific – the goals most likely to succeed are fine-tuned and specific. When setting your goals, avoid vague language. Instead of saying you want your business to make more money, set a specific monetary number for each quarter, or the whole year.
  2. Measurable – how can you achieve a goal if you can’t measure your progress along the way? Whether you’re trying to hit a personal goal weight, or a sales goal for your business, setting a goal that is measurable will help show you you’re on the right path towards achieving it.
  3. Achievable – you won’t get anywhere with your goals if they aren’t something you can realistically achieve. Dream big in the long run but keep your immediate goals realistic and achievable. The more goals you are able to actually achieve and cross off your list, the more motivated you’ll become to aim higher!
  4. Realistic – If you set a goal to launch a new business and take your whole family on a huge vacation, it may not be financially possible to do both in one year. Keeping your goals realistic and relevant to your current professional and personal realities will give you goals that are actually achievable.
  5. Timely – in the same way that goals need to be measurable to assess progress, having a set timeline will help keep you focused and give you a sense of urgency to actually get it done. Space out your goals throughout the year (say weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc…) to set a clear path towards your big and long term goals.

Use these guidelines to start your resolutions list for the new year. Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Start with five personal and five professional goals, knowing you can always add more throughout the year!

Tips for Staying Dedicated

Now that you’ve set your goals, here comes the hard part, actually sticking to them. If you can stick to your goals through the first month, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re already doing better than most people! Here are some tips to help you over the first-month hump, and to help you keep the momentum and stay consistent throughout the year:

  1. Reflect on the past – Have you set goals in the past that fizzled or flat out failed? Before you embark on conquering your new goals, take some time to reflect on reasons why you may have gotten off-track in the past, Write them down and decide on a game plan for how you can overcome these obstacles moving forward.
  2. Start small – While you may be excited to crush a big goal, like working out every day or hosting a huge event for your business, if you try to conquer your biggest goals first, you are potentially setting yourself up for failure. Big changes come with time and mounting effort, so start with your small goals first, before building up to achieving your biggest.
  3. Infuse optimism – There’s power in positive thinking. Negative thinking and self-talk towards yourself and your ability to reach your goal will get you nowhere. Start your resolution journey with a healthy, motivating dose of positivity. Maybe try coming up with positive mantras to go with each of your goals. You may be surprised at what a daily dose of positivity can do for your motivation towards meeting your goals.
  4. Set a schedule – Like outlined in the SMART method, goals are a lot easier to meet when you have measurable timelines. Start by mapping out the deadlines for each of your goals, on a daily, weekly, monthly (and so on) basis. Having deadlines will help keep you on track, focused, and help you hold yourself accountable for getting things done.
  5. Reflect on your progress – When scheduling your goals, make sure to schedule some time to reflect. Stopping to review your progress will help keep you motivated, and also give you an opportunity to reflect on why you might not be progressing as you thought. Giving yourself this time is invaluable in helping you to work out the kinks in your overall plan to achieve your goals.

Now that you’ve got the tools, it’s time to set your 2022 goals and resolutions! What professional and personal goals do you hope to accomplish this year?

Dec 10, 2021
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