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Andi's Concert Looks for the Summer of '23

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Andi's Concert Looks for the Summer of '23

usic lovers everywhere anticipate the return of their favorite Summer concerts and festivals every year. Regardless of the type of music you’re into, it’s no secret that festival fashion rules the Summer months.

To give you an idea of how fans will be wearing your clients' concert merch this Summer, I put together some fun outfits inspired by different genres of music, using products from our 2023 Summer Style Guide, which you can find at ssactivewear.com.

Knowing how people are wearing music merch will help you create collections that branch out from the typical fashion tee, and add in pieces that’ll entice fans to buy more. Here's your backstage pass to the concert looks you might see in 2023.

Western Bound

The “western core” trend has been unfolding on the fashion scene for several seasons now. Call it the "Yellowstone" effect. It’s full of western-inspired pieces with a contemporary twist.

When merchandising for that country look, think flannel, denim, cropped shirts, western inspired graphics, western accessories, and construction details like whipstitching and fringe. Crop tops and flannels pair up great with high-rise denim shorts, so I added that along with some stylish cowboy boots to round out the country music vibe.

In photos: Burnside, Women's Boyfriend Flannel - Next Level, Women's Festival Crop Tank

Breaking down the look:

Flannel Tops

Flannel tops are the epitome of country music and any country concert look isn’t complete without one. They can be worn over your tank or wrapped around your waist.

Cropped Tanks

Crop tanks are perfect for a country concert, and are a summer wardrobe essential. The crop I’m wearing is a modest crop, which helps you to be fashionable without revealing too much skin. They're the perfect canvas for decorating your favorite band’s lyrics across the chest.

Hip-Hop Hooray

Hip-Hop inspired fashion is the epitome of cool and streetwear is at the center of it. Fans of this music love mixing the simple and flashy together to create a unique look that matches from head to toe and makes a statement. For my outfit, I started with the very much on-trend black and white sneakers and built my look around that neutral color scheme. Then, I used the sheen of the bomber jacket and wide-legged faux leather pants to give my outfit more of a high-end streetwear look.

In photos: Richardson, 7-Panel Trucker Cap - Independent, Lightweight Bomber Jacket - Tultex, Unisex Fine Jersey Ringer T-Shirt

Breaking down the look:

Bomber and Starter Jackets

Bomber and Starter jackets have made a major comeback. They’re a perfect jacket for hip-hop merch, because not only are they effortlessly cool, but also an ode to the golden era of hip-hop. The striped detailing on the sleeve gives it an extra flair and even wrapped around the waist, it still looks stylish.

Ringer Tees

Ringer tees are perfect wearing them alone, but look even better under the bomber jacket. They're lightweight and breathable. The black and white contrast detail makes this t-shirt a step cooler than your basic tee, and helps to complete the whole outfit. Some even wear it with the bottom hem tied in a knot to make it even edgier.

Flat Bill Caps

The flat bill is a streetwear must-have, and it effortlessly tops off your hip hop vibe.

Long Live Rock-N-Roll

When I think of rock-n-roll fashion, I think of dark neutral color patterns and grunge inspired textures. For this outfit, I kept it simple with neutral colors, a distressed t-shirt and biker shorts.

To infuse a little more personality into the look, I added a bucket cap, threw on some retro socks for nostalgia and kept my accessories simple, just in case there was potential for moshing. And of course, combat boots are a must to complete this edgy look.

In photos: J. America, Zen Jersey T-Shirt - BELLA + CANVAS, FWD Fashion Women's High Waist Biker Shorts

Breaking down the look:

Bucket Caps

Bucket Caps are taking inspo from the Y2K revival that is sweeping the nation. Not only are they being worn by a ton of influencers and celebrities, but they also offer sun protection from the summer rays.  A bucket cap looks great with lyrics embroidered on it or with a cool looking patch.

Acid Washed Tees

Here I'm going for the purposeful vintage look. Even though your 1988 rocker shirt is naturally distressed because it’s been worn over and over, you can still achieve this look by choosing the right tee. Because the one I'm wearing is acid-washed, it gives off those vintage vibes, without actually having been made in the 80's.

The key to my outfit is to wear it oversized, by going two sizes up from your norm. Distressed decoration techniques can help to further lean into the vintage nature of the garment and really help complete the overall classic rock vibe.

High Retro Crew Socks

Gone are the days of trying to hide our socks, because showing them off is in again. Over the past few years, crew socks have made a solid comeback. They’re a perfect rock concert essential, because wearing them with a pair of shorts and combat boots easily elevates the look.

Biker Shorts

An oversized rocker graphic tee and biker short is the easiest combination ever. It's simple, straightforward, and makes a fashion statement. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your vintage t-shirt, because it’s universally flattering to all body types and instantly looks cool, while being extremely comfortable.

Dance Until Dawn at EDM Festivals

From bold, bright colors and prints to glittery face jewels, the fashion at outdoor music festivals is just as high-energy as the sounds you'll be dancing to. The best EDM outfits really showcase your own personality. There's no rules to this style, and for some, the more extreme the better.

In photos: American Apparel, Women's CVC Tank - Liberty Bags, Clear PVC Backpack

Breaking down the look:


The EDM look starts with the Bandana. Bandanas are the simplest and least expensive music festival accessory, but still make a bold statement. You can wear them around the arm, ankle and there’s even oversized ones in retail that can be worn as a top.

All of these uses lead to more brand exposure. With so many options, bandanas make the perfect branding tool for any live band or festival event.  

Tank Tops

The tank top is a music festival essential. Ones with a higher neckline, like this CVC tank, are even more popular, with their simple and chic look. Wearing tank tops are also a great way to help all of your accessories stand out, and keep you cool while dancing all day and night to your favorite artists.

Clear Backpacks and Bags

With all of the regulations around the size of bags in concert venues, the clear backpack is the perfect solution. It’s large size and convenience make it a festival favorite.

Face Jewels

They seem a little extra, but – these crystals can really pull the entire EDM look together. They are so fun and if you're ever going to rock these, a festival is where it's at!

I'm pointing these out, because EDM is all about colors and lights, so think about adding some sparkling decorations to your merch for these shows, since they can be paired perfectly with this popular makeup style.

Sing Your Heart Out at Pop Concerts

Pop concerts are all about pastel color palettes and girly accessories. Think “Casual chic.” You can also take cues from the wardrobe of your pop star of choice to influence what you decide to throw on.

For me, I chose to pair a cropped top with some cropped jeans to help my footwear shine, and threw on some uniquely designed butterfly shades to add a fun element to the look.

In photos: Comfort Colors, Women's Heavyweight Boxy T-Shirt - Liberty Bags, That's So 90's Fanny Pack

Breaking down the look:

Cropped Tees

Crop Tees are a pop concert essential with a summer laid back stylish vibe. Pastel color palettes and especially – lavender, are commonly used for pop concert merch. The boxy crop is really popular in these colors and you’ll see them often paired up with any high waisted bottom.

Fanny Packs

These are still in-style and great for keeping your belongings secure and close to you, while you’re singing and dancing the night away, or walking around town.

Keeping Up With the Fashion Trends

Understanding how people are wearing what’s being sold at merch tables, can help open up ideas for new collections, additional product opportunities and design concepts fans will love. I’m a huge music fan, so I had a blast putting these outfits together and hopefully they’ll help inspire you when creating a new collection for you or your clients in the future.

Apr 16, 2023