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Andi’s Favorite Looks for the 2024 Collection

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Andi’s Favorite Looks for the 2024 Collection

t’s out with the old and in with the newest trends! Wondering what should be on your style radar this year? Deemed the "Year of Travel," some of the most sought after styles will be based on the predicted themes of 2024, which include wellness, self-care, nostalgia, work/life balance and a love for name brands.

So, to help you get ahead of these themes, I'm going to show you how to style and merchandise some of my favorite pieces from our new 2024 collection mixed with some tried and true favorites. Walk away with inspiration for your next customer presentation based on styles they are already buying or gaps in their promotional apparel or inventory.

Get ready to elevate your client’s fashion game and make a statement because my curated selection is not just about following fashion trends; it's about embodying a lifestyle, and what better way to do that than through unique branding experiences.

The Travel Edit

2024 is predicted to be the biggest year of travel since 2019 and the airport OOTD (Outfit of the Day) has become equally as important as the actual vacation ensembles.

You want to be comfy, but also put together enough that you’re ready for adventure as soon as you land. Your customers want nothing less for their branded merch and decorated apparel. For this theme, I’ve created both a women’s and men’s neutral look that the jet-setting client or employee will want live-in on and off the airplane.

These looks not only prioritize comfort and style, but also provide excellent branding opportunities, making them a perfect choice for those who want to make a lasting impression both in the air and on the ground.

‍These looks also seamlessly cross over to hybrid work places and corporate gifting.

Styling for Her:

1.     The American Apparel Women's Fine Jersey Boxy Tee: Opt for a cropped silhouette with a boxier fit, and consider embracing a monochromatic color scheme for a cohesive look.

2.    The Boxercraft Women's Cuddle Fleece Cardigan: The longer cardigan has become quite popular over the past few years and it’s a great capsule piece to throw on or off for those days when it’s 90 outside but 20 degrees on the plane.

3.     The Holloway Eco Revive™ Women's Ventura Soft Knit Joggers: This specific athleisure inspired pant is buttery soft, it screams comfort but is more elevated than the normal sweatpant.

4.    The DRI DUCK 46L Weekender Bag: This travel bag is equally as roomy as it is stylish because it’s flexible in nature, it easily can fit under an airport seat or in the overhead bin.

5.     Additional Accessories: Pair this outfit with a pair of classic white Sambas, a re-useable tumbler that’s perfect for doing your part to save the environment for refills at the airport and don’t forget your favorite sunglasses on vacation to complete the look.

Styling for Him:

1.     The MV Sport Mixed Media Hooded Sweatshirt: This hoodie is unique in the fact it combines a cotton sweatshirt with a polyester woven tech pocket. It’s the definition of comfort meets cool and is the perfect option for travel. Wear over a fashion t-shirt to be able layer on and off when traveling.

2.     The Burnside Perfect Jogger: These pants are an excellent high end athleisure dupe. The elevated poly/spandex material can take them from the plane to vacation in a snap.

3.     The Oakley 28L Sport Backpack: 2024 is all about brands and Oakley is a household name. This sporty bag as all the compartments for all of your things during work or personal travel.

4.     The Richardson Waffle Cuffed Beanie & Accessories: Round out this travel edit with a beanie or hat and personalized portable speaker so you’re ready to rock as soon as you land.

The Sporty Look

When I was a kid in the early 90’s, I lived for new athletic clothes and accessories. Soccer shorts, swishy pants and t-shirts, were my go-tos. Even as an adult, I still get excited about new sportswear pieces all the time.

I’ve assembled two outfits that redefine what it means to be both sporty and trendy in today's world. For myself, I moved away from my soccer inspo of the 90’s and fully immersed myself in the pickleball era we're now in.

“Racketwear” aka Tennis/Pickleball inspired fashion, is being seen on and off the court. For him, I choose a retail-ready matching set that combines the textured heavyweight pique material of polos, with the look of streetwear.

Don’t think every customer is embracing the Pickleball craze? Resorts, athletic clubs, and giftshops will also love these looks.

Styling for Her:

1.     The LAT Women's Relaxed 3-End Boxy Fleece Crewneck: This cropped sweatshirt has a unique drawstring that is a perfect pairing with a tennis skirt because it cinches right at the waist.

2.     The Adidas Women's Sustainable Crisscross Ponytail Cap: The unique crossback design fits high and low ponytails and the breathable fabric is great for all of your favorite outdoor activities. This cap is the definition of business in the front and party in the back.

3.     Additional Accessories: You can’t complete your sporty look without a lightweight gym sack. This retail ready adidas option not only makes you look good but allows you to feel good because it’s made with 100% recycled polyester. Complete the package by adding a personalized pickleball set and water bottle, creating a bundle that anyone would appreciate receiving.

Styling for Him:

1.     The Matching Set (American Apparel Pique Mockneck Tee and Pique Unisex Gym Shorts):  Mint and shades of green are predicted to be huge for 2024 so this new shade artic, is right on trend. The versatile set can be word during our favorite athletic activity to straight out with friends.

2.     The Cap America Relaxed Golf Dad Hat: The perfect complement to the matching set is a relaxed dad cap. This lightweight cap is even cooler worn backwards.

3.     The SOCCO USA-Made Solid Crew Socks:  When bundling this look together, a watch is the perfect accessory to add some style. If you're putting a collection together, don't forget to pitch some socks too for additional branding opportunities. SOCCO has some of the most comfortable on the market.

Oversized Athleisure

Responding to the widespread desire for comfort, style, and laid-back lifestyles, oversized athleisure takes center stage in 2024. With Health and Wellness topping the priority list, these on-trend looks not only promote comfort and well-being, but also present unique branding opportunities.

Whether your customers fall into the health and wellness category or you are aligning your brand with the wellness movement, adding these looks to your merchandise will allow you to tap into a growing market or showcase your commitment to a balanced and stylish lifestyle. Embrace the oversized athleisure trend, and let your brand become synonymous with both comfort and fashion-forward choices.

Oversized athleisure isn’t only made for an active lifestyle, I am seeing these looks show up in company stores, campus bookstores, and retail boutiques.

Styling the Look:

1.     The LAT Women's Relaxed Fine Jersey Tank:  I went with a longer silhouette that layers well over the biker short that can be worn with or without the jacket.

2.     The Boxercraft Everest Peak Jacket: Combining trendiness with versatility, the sherpa jacket is perfect for layering.

3.     The BELLA + CANVAS Women's High Waist Biker Shorts:  In the world of activewear, the black biker short is a timeless piece that effortlessly elevates the style of any athleisure look.

4.     The SOCCO USA-Made Solid Crew Socks and additional Accessories: A fanny pack or belt bag is the perfect pairing for an athleisure look, so you can keep your hands free while you're running errands, working out at the gym or off on your next adventure. Add a personalized yoga mat, high socks and water bottle to complete the look.

The Trendy Nostalgic Look

Nostalgia continues to take the spotlight in 2024. This trend taps into collective memories, bringing back elements that give us both a sense of familiarity and emotional connection.

In retail fashion we're seeing tons of vintage-inspired garments to retro accessories, the nostalgia trend celebrates the timeless appeal of different eras, offering a blend of the past with a contemporary twist.

For these looks I choose a retail inspired muscle tee for myself and mineral wash sweatshirt for him - two of the top trends reminiscent of the 80’s. Capitalize on this feeling of nostalgia, and let your brand become part of the storytelling, offering customers not just fashion trends, but a journey through time.

Other than boutiques and lifestyle brands, you’ll find this trend in campus bookstores as well as in music and festival merch.

Styling for Her:

1.     The American Apparel Garment-Dyed Women's Heavyweight Muscle Tee: Muscle tees were a huge trend in the 80’s and have gone from a fitness only essential to the epitome of trendiness & style. This retail inspired version is unique to anything we’ve carried before, with its vintage garment wash, exaggerated structured shoulders and boxy cropped fit.

2.     Additional Accessories: I chose to pair this tee with fun platform sandals, distressed jeans and top it off with a wide brimmed hat - a trendsetter essential. Don’t forget to add a stylish clear belt bag to the bundle, perfect for all of those entertainment shows throughout the year that'll have clear bag requirements.

Styling for Him:

1.     The Dyenomite Premium Fleece Mineral Wash Sweatshirt: Mineral washing, similar to garment dying is a technique used to give a vintage, weathered look to clothing and a worn in aesthetic. It’s similar to the acid was trend of the 80’s and 90’s.

This method is unique enough that it stands out, but the neutral color allows it to be worn in so many different ways. This look is perfect for concerts and music merch but is also ideal for any market that's looking for a vintage-inspired aesthetic. For an added layered look, some might even wear it over another neutral tee.

2.     Additional Accessories: To complete this look add in a retro trucker cap and headphones. Extra points when styling with a pair old school adidas sneakers.

Work From Anywhere Outfit

Describe the Look:  Work-life balance continues to be a huge theme in 2024 and the hybrid workplace has become the norm. The work-from-anywhere outfit has evolved from the 2020 sweatpant era to a more sophisticated yet still comfortable “work uniform.”

Here's a his and her’s look that's perfect for the hybrid workplace. By incorporating your logo or brand elements into these versatile pieces, you not only provide an on-trend solution for the digital nomad but also ensure your brand is part of their daily success story.

Styling for Her:

1.     The MV Sport Women's Striped Sleeves Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt: This full-zip has a collegiate look that doesn't lack on style or quality. It’s fun colorblock sleeve detail makes it a super fun addition to any collection.

2.     The BELLA + CANVAS Women's Micro Rib Racer Tank: I opted for a high neckline tank that looks great on its own or can be effortlessly layered under the full-zip, providing versatility and style options for wherever you’re working.

3.     Additional Accessories: To complete this hybrid work look I added in a garment dyed tote, an easily carried blanket and a notebook that would be great for branding and personalization.

Styling for Him:

1.     The DRI DUCK Ranger Melange Fleece Pullover: This retail inspired pullover is the perfect blend of casual and sophistication, which makes it a great option for wearing to the office, WFH or after hours with friends.

2.     The DRI DUCK Rigor Vest: This vest is an essential layering piece and is crafted to be worn on the job site but stylish enough it can cross over into corporate casual. The off-duty workwear trend that's hit retail, has effortlessly blurred the lines between workwear onsite and for fashion.

3.     Additional Accessories: Round out the look with stylish sunglasses, a commuting backpack, and a laptop sleeve for additional branding opportunities.

In 2024, it’s all about blending fashion, branding, and lifestyle together in a way that connects your brand or artwork with an experience. So, gear up, embrace these trends, and make a statement . You’re sure to increase your selling opportunities for the year by adding these styled looks to your next client presentation. Now is the time to amp up impressions by creating branded merch made for living.

Jan 28, 2024