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Andi’s How-to Style For Summer 2024

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Andi’s How-to Style For Summer 2024

or this year’s S&S Style Guides, we’ve added a brand new section I’m excited about named “How to Style.” To give you some more insight into the 4 trending Summer looks you’ll find in it, I thought it would be fun to focus in on the staple piece each is centered around.

And because the Summer is all about getting outdoors and making memories, these trendy looks feature products that are perfect for sunny days and decorating with impactful designs to commemorate the best events and places people will attend throughout the season.

Take a look behind the curtain of how we stylize the looks you see throughout the style guide. Styling a branded look is a skill we should all be refining to stay relevant and create engaging product experiences.

The Year of Travel:

2024 is deemed the Year of Travel. According to a recent study by Forbes, "40% of Americans plan to increase their travel this year compared to 2023.” Travel presents arguably the most opportunities for brand exposure: clients exploring new destinations, sharing their experiences on social media, and using souvenirs kept and worn for long after the trip is over.

Branded merchandise, including apparel, accessories, and travel essentials, act as mobile advertisements, highlighting the importance that you help clients give people ample vacation-ready essentials they can use during these trips. For this look, I wanted to create a laid-back vibe all about comfort and style, while offering customers versatile options for their travels and beyond.

The Vacation Ready Look:

In photo (from top to bottom): BELLA + CANVAS - Sponge Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie; Next Level - Soft Wash T-Shirt; Comfort Colors - Garment-Dyed Lightweight Fleece Sweat Shorts; Oakley - 28L Sport Backpack

Your Staple Piece: The Next Level Soft Wash T-Shirt

This brand new tee by Next Level features a specialty wash that not only gives the fabric a softer hand, but also gives it that ever popular “lived-in” vintage look. Specialty washes are continuing to enter the wholesale market, responding to the growing demand for retro-inspired apparel.

Muted color palettes play a crucial role in enhancing the casual vintage vibe, so I went with a monochromatic look here, pairing the tee with a darker shade of blue in the full-zip. We’re still seeing a lot of tonal pairings trending in both fashion and decoration.  

Additional Accessories:

A sun hat is a must that offers both protection and style. Round out the look by adding in reuseable water bottles, headphones and sunglasses to complete this bundle.

Additional Markets:

Collegiate: Campus Tours, Sororities and Fraternities, Tailgate Essentials, Campus Bookstores.

Day Exploration/Excursions: Outdoor Adventure Packs, Family Outings, Giftshops.

Surf & Skate: Event Sponsored Merch, Collaborations, Shop Merch.

Online Company Stores: Employee Incentives, Corporate Gifts, Virtual and In-Person Events.

Chasing The Sun

For athletes, fitness gurus and outdoor enthusiasts, the ultimate in health and wellness apparel gives you a great balance of both function and style. In 2024, companies are putting more emphasis on encouraging health and wellness for their employees, which includes hooking them up with the right apparel to both stay comfortable at the gym and working at home.

Whether it’s trekking through the mountains or yoga on the beach, the look I put together serves as a symbol of the endless possibilities and exhilarating experiences that await those who choose to chase the sun this Summer.

The Fitness and Wellness Look:

In photo (from top to bottom): adidas - Women's Sustainable Crisscross Ponytail Cap; ANETIK - Women's Breeze Tech Hooded T-Shirt; Holloway - Expedition Waist Pack; Badger - Women's B-Sport Bra Top

Your Staple Piece: The ANETIK Women's Breeze Tech Hooded T-Shirt

The top piece in this look is from a new high-end performance apparel line, exclusive to S&S, called ANETIK. This collection has all the necessary features and intricate details needed for any indoor or outdoor fitness activity.

Notably, some of the stand outs of this piece compared to similar brands on the market are the fit and added drawcords. Personally, I have a lot of performance workout long sleeve shirts with hoods and none of them have drawcords, so they always just come off easily if I put it on during a run.

That’s why it's one of my favorite features on this ANETIK piece. If I’m somewhere with a chance for wind and rain, I can fasten the hood to stay on and keep me protected from the elements.

Another bonus feature is the convenient side pocket near the back hem that is perfect for storing keys, an ID or credit cards. It’s also crafted from specially densely knitted fabric, which gives you woven-in UPF sun protection and ensures optimum breathable comfort for wherever your adventures take you this summer.

Additional Accessories:

Other items to include in this health and wellness bundle would be a cooling towel, a ponytail cap and sports bra.

Additional Markets:

Fitness Studios and Gyms: Retail Offering, Influencer Partnerships, Special Event Merch.

School & Team: Practice and Games, Fundraisers, Campus Store.

5Ks and Fundraisers: Special Events, Honorable Causes, Fun Runs, Corporate Wellness Programs.

Boutiques: Retail Offering, Pop-Up Events, Collaborations.

Summer Entertainment

During the summer months, nothing tops dancing, singing and laughing along with live entertainment. With a jam-packed schedule of concerts, music festivals, comedy shows, and podcast tours, summer is the season of fun and the perfect time to create memorabilia for these unforgettable experiences through apparel.

I’ve put together a unisex look that ensures your client’s brand or event helps commemorate these unforgettable experiences, whether it’s featuring tour dates on a t-shirt or promoting an iconic podcast tour on a trucker cap, aligning their brand with the excitement and joy of these moments is what summer is all about.

The Live Show Look:

In photo (from top to bottom): YP Classics - Sustainable Retro Trucker Cap; Quikflip - 2-in-1 Hero Hoodie Lite Full-Zip; Dyenomite - Crush Tie-Dyed T-Shirt

Your Staple Piece: The Dyenomite Crush Dye Tee

For the staple piece in this outfit, I chose the new Crush Tee from Dyenomite Apparel. They’ve actually added lots of new washes and tie-dyed patterns to their lineup as they’ve become increasingly popular among millennials and Gen Z.

Also, with punk and grunge style recently making a comeback, this shirt is right on trend with it’s subtle, tonal print. It comes in a variety of neutral colors and is really a unique canvas for bands and artists to showcase their designs on.

As a bonus, pairing this with a transformative hooded sweatshirt that can literally turn into a drawstring bag, gives people the freedom to easily carry around another layer of warmth for when the sun goes down.

Additional Accessories:

Complete your summer entertainment look with a classic trucker cap, stylish sunglasses, and trendy high socks.

Additional Markets:

Collegiate: Game Days, Alumni Merch, Greek Life, Bookstores.

Surf & Skate: Event Sponsored Merch, Partnerships, Retail Merch.

Fitness & Gyms: Retail Offering, Subscription & Box Services, Corporate Wellness Programs, Pop-Up Events.

Travel: Resort Giftshops, Airports, Boutiques, Travel Subscription Boxes, Corporate Gifts.

Local Happenings

There’s a different vibe in the neighborhood during the Summer. It's energetic and buzzing at all hours of the day, making it the perfect time to embrace the spirit of community and connection through a variety of exciting events.

For this look, I wanted to show how your clients can choose versatile products that could become part of a go-to outfit that’s not only perfect for walking around at camps, farmer’s markets, reunions and street fairs, but also great for selling at these events too.

The Local Event Look:

In photo (from top to bottom): Imperial - The Performance Phoenix Visor; Columbia - Women's PFG Tamiami™ II Shirt; Gildan - Softstyle® Women’s CVC Racerback Tank Top; Liberty Bags - Non-Woven Reusable Shopping Bag

Your Staple Piece: The Women's PFG Tamiami™ II

The woven shirt in this look is a women’s fishing shirt from Columbia, but it’s far more versatile than just for being on the water. Being made by a sought-after retail brand makes it ideal for co-branding. And, it’s a perfect layering piece for walking around outdoor events and summer camps, because it features UPF sun protection and moisture wicking technology.

The best part is that it has a polished, yet relaxed look that can be dressed up or down, making it a piece that could actually be worn all year long, giving clients endless impressions.

Additional Accessories:

Complete the look with essential summer accessories such as a visor and sunglasses, providing both sun protection and an extra touch of style.

Additional Markets:

Restaurants: Beach Bar & Grill, Wineries, Event Merch.

Collegiate: Greek Life, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Alumni Merch.

Resort: Gift Shops, Outdoor Recreation Stores, Spa and Wellness Centers.

Boutiques: Online Retailers, Pop-Up Shops, Fashion Events.

The Right Merch for the Right Season

Styling and merchandising play a crucial role in enhancing the experiences offered by your clients. These four trending looks from the Summer Style Guide show how you can approach creating collections that are versatile and can become someone’s favorite item to wear, during the upcoming season and beyond.

Whether it's for travel, health and wellness, summer entertainment, or local community events, the right merch can not only elevate a memorable summer experience for someone, but also serve as powerful marketing tool for any company.

This summer is the era of merch, so let’s decorate and wear it proudly. Create unique branding experiences and amp up selling opportunities by adding these styled looks to your next presentation. Walk away with merchandising inspiration that will make a lasting impression so you can complete the look, increase loyalty, and gain competitive advantage.

Stay tuned for more “How To Style” coming up this year for Fall and Winter.

Apr 7, 2024