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Be on the Lookout for These Trending Colors in 2024

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Be on the Lookout for These Trending Colors in 2024

ith a new year, a new parade of trending hues arrives on the runways, at retail and in the wholesale space. The 2024 color palette includes familiar shades that inspire nostalgia and comfort, along with statement-makers that let us express ourselves in new ways. This speaks to consumers’ desire to transform our looks in 2024, as we embrace a more positive way of living and a bolder view of the future.

These new “colors enable us to express ourselves in more inventive ways,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone® Color Institute. “A harmonious mix of familiar shades infused with a contemporary edge, the colors for 2024 introduce a new interpretation of current times as memories of the past and a glimpse of the future bring hope for the present.”

Check out our roundup of trending colors and use these hues to help guide your pitches and presentations next year. We're also throwing in some recommendations for brand colors that closely resemble the vibe of 2024's trending shades.

Trending Color #1: Apricot Crush and the Color of the Year "Peach Fuzz"

We’re definitely crushing on this vibrant shade that balances yellow and red, with an infused warming glow. WGSN chose Apricot Crush as its trending shade for 2024, because of its restoring, refreshing and energetic qualities for consumers in search of calm and optimism.

“Think of Apricot Crush as the royal, jewel-toned version of mustard and marigold. This shade combines yellow's happy punch of yellow and red’s rich power to enliven earthy bohemian prints as well as bold graphics.”
Yenia Hernández Fonseca, luxury fashion expert and contributor at Margo Paige

Pantone also chose a similar shade, "Peach Fuzz," as its Color of the Year, because of its compassionate and enriching vibe, that gives off a sense of recalibration and inner peace.

Our swatch recommendations:

In photo (left to right): Tultex 213 in "Coral Fine Jersey;" Sportsman SP12 in "Heather Orange;" SOCCO SC100 in "White/Orange"

“Signifying a blend of the warmth of sunset and the freshness of a new dawn, Apricot Crush and Orangeade embody hope,” Lee says. “This color would be ideal for summer collections, beachwear or festival outfits. Picture bohemian dresses or laid-back tees for music events.”

Trending Color #2: Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea is a full-bodied red infused with rich, woody tones. This inviting, warm amber hue evokes feelings of confidence, optimism, energy and passion.

“This color is trending because it taps into our yearning for authenticity and natural connection, especially in an increasingly digital age. Rooibos Tea’s richness would make a profound statement in formal wear, and it’s particularly apt for autumn collections. For application, think of higher-end office wear.”
Leanne Lee, fashion stylist and buyer at women’s clothing boutique Blue Bungalow

You’ll see this color in interiors, cars, AI imagery, technology, films and animation, so don’t be afraid to show this energetic shade to your buyers!

Our swatch recommendations:

In photo (left to right): BELLA + CANVAS 3413 in "Brick;" Independent PRM4500 in "Pigment Amber;" and Legacy OFA in "Scarlet Red"

Trending Color #3: Fondant Pink

A shift away Barbie pink, this season’s popular shade is a softly pigmented pastel that’s youthful, easygoing and soothing. Fondant Pink speaks to consumers’ desire for a sense of wellness and well-being in the midst of the everyday grind. The upcoming year’s pinks are gentler and more serene, which look effortless alongside lavender and lilac hues.

“While Barbie pink might be a great choice for sororities or breast cancer awareness campaigns, the Fondant Pink shades on the runway are perfect for loungewear, spa uniforms or wellness retreat outfits, offering a soothing touch to guests."
Leanne Lee, fashion stylist and buyer at women’s clothing boutique Blue Bungalow

“The spectrum of pink we’re seeing, from muted to vibrant, signifies its adaptability and the broadening definitions of femininity. This versatility ensures there’s a pink for every occasion.”

Our swatch recommendations:

In photo (left to right): Tultex 202 in "Heather Cassis;" YP Classics 6006 in "Pink/White;" Alternative 9575 in "Eco Rose Quartz"

Trending Color #4: Radiant Red

This saturated shade of red is dynamic, alive, engaging, playful and pulsating with energy – ideal for anyone who wants to make a strong, bold statement.

“Radiant Red is a bold, fiery shade that inspires a good amount of confidence and power in the wearer,” says Yenia Hernández Fonseca, a stylist, luxury fashion expert and contributor at Margo Paige. “This color engages with you on a deeper, more personal level than other colors, which makes it ideal for those transeasonal pieces that people can easily incorporate into their wardrobes, including solids, classic patterns and bold florals.”

Our swatch recommendations:

In photo (left to right): Champion S600 in "Scarlet Heather;" Richardson 115 in "Heather Red/Silver;" BELLA + CANVAS 6682 in "Heather Red"

Heather or triblend reds are great to consider for matching the vibe of radiant red. Because the red fabric is mixed with those white strands, many lots of heather reds from different brands will give you that subdued look of radiant red.

Trending Color #5: Elemental Blue

Moving away from deep and mysterious blue cobalts, this upcoming year is about more elemental hues like Blue Perennial and Chambray Blue, a brightened denim blue infused with an easy vitality. This shift reflects consumers’ desire for balance and moderation on days when they’re tending toward self-reflection. Victoria Beckham and Badgley Mischka used this introspective hue in their spring and fall lines, showing how it transcends seasons.

“Elemental Blue is a modest mid-shade blue that speaks of the fashion customer's desire for a more demure wardrobe. While it gives off a more interesting energy than other basic blues, it’ll take on a neutral role this spring combined with other punching hues. Elemental Blue will be the key canvas for big, contrasting prints and body-hugging silhouettes.”
Yenia Hernández Fonseca, luxury fashion expert and contributor at Margo Paige

Our swatch recommendations:

In photo (left to right): Champion CD400 in "Saltwater;" Comfort Colors 1717 in "Washed Denim;" Adidas A376 in "Collegiate Navy Heather"

“As mindfulness practices gain even more momentum, Elemental Blue encapsulates that inward journey toward balance,” Lee says. “Ideal for leisure wear, book club meetups or retreats, you can also picture this shade in resort collections, symbolizing a breezy beachside holiday.”

Trending Color #6: Pastel Lilac

A soft, powdery lavender hue, Pastel Lilac gives us a playful spin on purples that often veer toward rich, jewel hues. “This pastel shade, reminiscent of blooming spring flowers, is apt for Easter or spring gatherings, bridesmaid dresses, or even baby showers,” Lee says. “Think of floaty spring dresses or accessories to add a touch of whimsy.”

Our swatch recommendations:

In photo (left to right): Dyenomite 200CR in "Lilac Crystal;" Independent IND20PNT in "Lavender;" Infinity Her TESS in "Lavender/Stripes"

Lightness and “romance are in the air with Lilac’s resurgence,” Lee says. Use this shade for spring product launch events, outdoor festivals and concerts, health and wellness promotions, charity or fundraising events, or for college and Greek organization shops.

Trending Color #7: Lemon Drop

Like other paler shades of lilac and blue dropping this year, Pale Yellow and Lemon Drop popped up in collections on this year’s runways as well. You’ll see this shade in flowy fabrications and fluid apparel silhouettes.

Our product recommendation:

In photo (from left to right): Independent PRM50STPD in "Pigment Yellow;" MV Sport W20172 in "Sunglow;" Legacy EZA in "Lemon"

Wear this shade for spring and summer festivals, beach and outdoor events, school and college orientation days, fitness events, community cleanup days, and sunrise or morning events.

Pitch a Rainbow of Unique Shades to Your Clients

Now that you’ve got 11 of the most popular colors for 2024, it’s time to match them to your clients’ brands and upcoming events to give them a curated presentation they’ll love. Guide your clients to infuse these evocative shades strategically, tailoring apparel and accessories that resonate with their unique identity and upcoming initiatives. Your expertise in curating this vivid palette ensures your clients don't just follow trends – they set them.

Dec 10, 2023