With all the new terms that are popping-up all over the internet these days, it can get a little overwhelming trying to keep up with all of them, so we’re here to help. One of the more recent ones gaining a lot of traction is “Gorpcore,” which an overarching term that’s used to describe “outdoor inspired fashion.” 

The name, which was influenced by the old trail mix acronym, “Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts," was originally coined by The Cut ( A blog by New York Magazine ) in 2017, but really just started becoming mainstream more recently. During the pandemic, a lot of people found some reprieve by going out and experiencing nature through activities like camping, climbing, hiking and skiing. This renewed love for the outdoors led to a craving for fashionable apparel that reflected this adventurous lifestyle. Enter Gorpcore.

( The epitome of Gorpcore is layering functional outdoor items that can take you from the mountains to the streets. Hiking boots, puffer jackets and technical details encompass this adventurous lifestyle trend )

This fashion trend is all about high-end apparel that comes packed with the bells and whistles. The epitome of Gorpcore is mixing functionally outdoorsy items, with the appeal of streetwear. It's also completely unisex, knows no season and definitely transcends being worn on a hiking trail. Let's take a closer look at what that means.

Technical details are key

In Photo: The Columbia Pike Lake™ Jacket has it all w/ Omni-HEAT™ thermal reflectivity & Thermarator™ insulation

With Gorpcore styles, the question for consumers isn’t as much about “How does it look,” as much as it  is about “What does it do?” Gorpcore embodies this message since many of the items worn in this trend have performance technologies built into them.

Some of the common key features you’ll see in Gorpcore include apparel tech like: Waterproofing Fabrics, Heat Retaining Technologies (i.e: Omni Heat™ and Thermarator ™ by Columbia), UPF Sun Protection, Wind Resistant Materials, and Moisture Wicking Fabrics.

Premium brands play a crucial role

Premium retail brands play a crucial role in Gorpcore. The logos of the biggest outdoors brands are worn like badges of honor, often on the sleeve or on the left chest. Think the Columbias and Patagonias of the world. Popular brand labels have always played a big part within the streetwear scene and Gorpcore is no different.

Talking to your clients about this trend can help sway them towards putting their logo

will love adding their logo to

Your typical Gorpcore outfit

Gorpcore encompasses a wide range of apparel combinations....

(explain in detail what kinds of outerwear are featured in this category (i.e puffers with thick baffling etc..) what is more popular (like softshells ) and what is usually paired with them to complete the look. )

Here's what a typical outfit might look like in this category:

- Find a functional, yet trendy vest or jacket.
(Large baffling has been the trend as of late, hooded or no hood depending on your preference.)

- Put it over a ¼ zip sweater fleece.
(This will usually be something that’s lightweight to layer under your jacket or vest. For extra bonus points: Make it heathered to add an extra fashion element to your look.)

- Add in some jeans, leggings, joggers or cargo pants.
(The options for bottoms in this look are endless, but cargo pants really embody the trend. Honestly, most of pants you have in your closet will work.)

- Throw on a retail branded beanie.
(Showing off the brand name is a staple of gorpcore; wear your premium brand logo with pride as an accessory)

- Layer on a fanny pack or backpack.
(Find something to hold your belongings in, while your on the hiking trail, or running running some errands.)

- Then put the finishing touches on your look with a matching pair of high socks, along with your favorite sneakers or hiking boots.
(I couldn’t have imagined wearing high socks 5 years ago. It was all about the “no show” sock for me. But, now high socks have made their way back into the fashion-sphere and let me tell you – your ankles will thank you, during the winter months.)

A trend for all seasons

This trend is evolving to include much more than puffers and rain jackets. The next evolution of Gorpcore is coming, with Spring just around the corner. Soon, we’ll be seeing more of an outdoor vacation vibe finding it's way into this trend, that'll bring in more color, patterns and lightweight options. Some key items to look out for are windbreakers, Bermuda shirts ( which is now the updated term for “Hawaiian Shirts” ), swim shorts, bikinis and, of course, high performance shirts and bottoms, with quick drying technology built into them. Again, sticking to the overarching theme of mixing fashion with function.

Collaborations are also going to continue emerging in this category. We’ve already seen it happening with high-end fashion houses like up with popular outdoor brands and more are coming down the pipeline. We are seeing these fashion houses levering gorpcore to position their brand as more sustainable.

Gorpcore is Here to Stay

Gorpcore is merging the worlds of the great outdoors and modern fashion to create another hybrid trend similar to athleisure, which is becoming more and more the everyday norm. According to market data portal, Statisa, “In 2018, the outdoor clothing market was valued at approximately $12.7 billion and was forecasted to reach a value of $19.6 billion by 2026.” Gorpcore is more than just a fashion trend. It encompasses an overall lifestyle, and people's love of the outdoors isn't likely to fade away anytime soon.

Jan 11, 2015
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