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How Solar Energy Is Moving Us Towards Sustainability

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How Solar Energy Is Moving Us Towards Sustainability

y this point, you’ve probably heard that we’ve gone solar, and now, thanks to fantastic new drone footage below, we can give you an even closer look at our entire nationwide network.

As we become more aware of our impact on the environment, it’s clear how much work we have ahead of us to become a more sustainable society. The first step toward change is often the most important, and that’s what this solar project is all about. As our company continues to expand throughout the United States and now Canada, we have an obligation to create new and innovative ways to do it responsibly.

This solar network is only the beginning of our ongoing push to become a more sustainable company, and we couldn’t be more excited about bringing it online.

Getting this project to completion was a monumental task made possible by the hard work and dedication of our management team and partners at Pure Point Energy.

“Bringing solar energy into our nationwide network is a wonderful opportunity to align operations with both our mission and values statement, which include sustainability objectives.”
– Frank Myers, our COO and CFO

There can be some major hurdles to overcome on the road to using cleaner energy, but the benefits are definitely worth the effort. After the long, hard work of getting permits and building preparations, an impressive total of 2,456 high-performance panels were installed on our facilities nationwide. These panels will keep us from being powered by fossil fuel energy that would’ve expelled the equivalent of over four million pounds of CO2 a year, into our atmosphere.

“Our management team’s passion for developing a more sustainable operation really helped drive the solar project to completion, and seeing how much of an impact it’ll have made it all worthwhile.”
– Mike Mannucci, our VP of Operations

The less reliance we have on fossil fuels, the more we’ll help keep our air clean for future generations. As people continue to become more aware of their environmental footprints, many companies are making strides in their efforts to be more sustainable, and going into 2021, we’re meeting that challenge head on.

Jan 10, 2021