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Is the Iconic Champion Brand Really "The King of Sweatshirts"?

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Is the Iconic Champion Brand Really "The King of Sweatshirts"?

o you remember that exciting feeling you had going to the mall in the 90s and finally being able to buy your first official Champion jersey of All-Stars like Jordan, Kobe, Shaq or Iverson? Those jerseys were some of the hottest pieces of fashion you could get your hands on back then, and when you put one on, you felt brand new.

Throughout the 80s and 90s, the iconic “C” logo was a symbol of authenticity for NBA and NFL sports apparel. Now, that logo is a symbol of authenticity for literally everything, and Champion has brought that exciting feeling back to every niche in fashion.


When you buy something with a Champion logo on it, it feels different. It feels special. It feels nostalgic. That’s why for the past couple of years, we’ve seen nothing but collaboration after collaboration with Champion popping up everywhere.

Things many of us grew up with like Pac-Man, Sesame Street, M&Ms and even General Mill cereals, have done some really creative designs for limited release sweatshirts. I mean is there anything better than buying a hoodie with a print on it of Oscar the Grouch in a Champion branded trash can?

Then, there’s the endless streetwear collabs with names like Supreme, Off-White and Kith. These mega-popular brands all want a piece of Champion’s authenticity and the new generation of buyers are eating this up due to the widespread appeal of designer fashion. But just how much has the Champion market expanded because of this?

Did you say eSports collab???!

Even eSports teams like the infamous Faze Clan are getting into collaborations with Champion, showing how the brand is continuing to penetrate the markets of every age group. Just look at how excited this teenager is, when he finally gets to open up the package holding his precious brand new FAZE x CHAMPION sweatshirt.

Forget the history

Never mind that Champion was the originator of the famous “Reverse Weave,” creating THE MOST DURABLE and long-lasting sweatshirt on the market. Forget that for over a century, they’ve been cranking out the best in quality products and innovating for the sportswear market. They’re even one of the most sustainable companies in the world.

Wait, Champion is sustainable?

In Photo: The S700 Double Dry Eco® Hooded Sweatshirt

Yes, but the fact that their products are made in factories that…

  • Have 41% of their energy produced from renewable resources
  • Have achieved a landfill diversion rate of 90%
  • Have on-site treatment plants to make sure any water leaving the facility is cleaner than when it arrived
  • Will aim to eliminate any production with single-use plastic altogether by 2025.

…is beside the point. I mean they even have a few styles made using a percentage of recycled plastic bottles, like the Double Dry Eco® Hooded Sweatshirt and Double Dry Eco® Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt. But that’s only a small part of the bigger picture.

We’re talking about celebs!

All you need to know is that there’s no hotter sweatshirt anyplace in the world right now. The star power behind Champion is insane, and the sustainability bit just tops it off.

Jennifer lopez has been spotted wearing a Champion Cropped Sweatshirt more than once. Kendrick Lamar wore a stylish SUPREME x CHAMPION hooded jacket on the cover of XXL magazine. Chance The Rapper has worn “C” logoed styles on and off the stage. Two of the Kardashian sisters sported burgundy Champion hoodies for one of Kourtney’s Instagram posts. Cardi B once wore an iconic Champion jumpsuit to Fashion Week and the list goes on and on.

Hollywood celebs, influencers, athletes, and musicians have chosen Champion apparel time and time again. And, can you blame them? It’s a storied brand, making top quality apparel, using sustainable methods and has been embedded into our culture for decades.

And the verdict is?

A true king goes unchallenged, and reigns over all that surrounds him. There isn’t a corner of the market that Champion hasn’t touched, and since you can’t turn a corner without seeing that recognizable “C” logo, it’s safe to say that Champion is indeed “The King of Sweatshirts.”

Nov 8, 2020
James Andres
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