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Masks Are Now Made For Decorating

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Masks Are Now Made For Decorating

treetwear has gone in many different directions that have, at times, seemed a little overboard. With companies like Supreme going as far as putting their logo on an Oreo cookie, there seems to be no limit on what a streetwear company may do next.

Enter face masks. Although wearing them has been fairly common in a few countries, here in the states, fashionable masks are generally an unnecessary luxury that just seemed like another over-the-top reach for more sales.

However, times have changed and masks have suddenly become one of the hottest pieces of streetwear on the market. How hot are they?

According to GQ, you could’ve bought one of Off-White’s “Arrows” face masks on StockX for $38 this past January. Now, that same face mask will run you about $375. If you’re looking for something that shines in the night, BAPE’s glow-in-the-dark shark mask will now run you about $200.

The CDC’s recommendation that everyone wear face masks in public, opened up a new market for self-expression, creating a demand for more fashionable versions of the vital accessory. Although wearing fabric face masks will not fully protect you from the risk of infection, as the coronavirus can also be transmitted in other ways too, that shouldn’t discourage you from using and finding one you can feel comfortable in.

Multiple apparel manufacturers like BELLA + CANVAS, Hanes, Bayside and Fruit of the Loom have been chipping in to supply fabric face masks to our healthcare workers all over the country. Some fashion designers and celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, whose brand “Good American” recently added denim masks onto their site, are getting into the mix on the retail side to provide the general public with some more fashionable options.

Wearing a mask in public isn’t the most comfortable thing to do, so the quest to find some that are unique to you, can bring an air of fun and lightheartedness to a very serious situation, which is something we’re all looking for right now.

As these masks become more available within wholesale channel, decorators may have an opportunity to print some custom ones of their own to distribute or sell online. These mask won’t just be useful to us now. They will also live on as a memento from a time that will be talked about for generations to come.

May 3, 2020