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The Hottest Golf Fashion Trends to Sell Now

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The Hottest Golf Fashion Trends to Sell Now

ant to help your clients tee off in style? Golf fashion has come a long way from traditional staid polo shirts and khakis. Thanks to Millennial and Gen-Z golfers, we’re seeing new standards being set for what people are wearing on today's courses.

Golfers are now finding ways of add a touch of style and personality to their on- and off-course attire. So get ready to elevate your clients’ golf style on the green with our guide to the latest golf fashion trends!

Welcome to a New Golf Wear Tradition

Many courses and country clubs still require people to wear collared shirts, non-denim pants, and clean baseball or visor hats. However in recent years, some are now relaxing these traditional dress codes.

In photo (clockwise): A550 - adidas Camo Polo; A546 - adidas Heather Chevron Quarter-Zip Wind Pullover; 9820 - Burnside Hybrid Stretch Shorts; X210P - Imperial The Original Performance Cap; A672S - adidas Sunstainable Sun Hat; C1717MTC - Carmel Towel Company Fairway Golf Towel

Clubs are now attempting to find ways of attracting a more youthful and diverse audience. Because individuality is becoming more important in fashion, today's modern golfers want clothes that reflect their personalities and lifestyles.

While Baby Boomers may still prefer a more formal look, Millennials and Gen-Zers are embracing the trend toward comfortable and versatile clothing at work, on the course and beyond. Golf brands are responding to this by creating more daring styles, that are more colorful, featuring trendier prints and silhouettes.

They're also starting to cater to the younger demographic by offering them comfortable, flexible clothing and headwear options, that allow them to effortlessly transition from their everyday activities to the golf course and back. By showcasing the evolution of golf apparel and offering on-trend options, you can tap into this growing market.

Bold Prints and Patterns

Millennials and Gen-Zers have pushed streetwear aesthetic into the athleisure market by getting brands to develop all-purpose fashion attire that also gives them performance attributes.

That's why we're now seeing mainstream trends like 90's color-blocking show up on the necklines, sleeves, and cuffs of golf apparel.

We're also seeing camo, checkerboard and houndstooth patterns, along with floral micro-prints giving golfers the ability to express their personality, while still nodding to “golfing tradition.”

In photo: A574 - adidas Pine Tree Polo

The most recent PGA Show Live Fashion Show showcased this with bold prints and patterns for men, breaking away from the usual plain and neutral colors. There was also vibrant animal prints on women’s tops, quarter zips and skirts, showing you shouldn't hesitate to mix prints and patterns in your golf apparel pitch decks.

Pro golfer, Justin Thomas, was even seen choosing the comfort of a camo hoodie and joggers vs. the traditional course attire, during the British Open last year. This shows how much professional golfers are craving to be more comfortable and fashionable on the green.

In photo: EXP54LWZ - Independent Lightweight Windbreaker Full-Zip Jacket

Transitional Styles On and Off the Course

Golf is now a popular national sport and pastime for over 25 million people, who often encounter different weather conditions requiring the right clothing for full sun, cooler temperatures, wind and rain. That’s why it’s no surprise that layering is trending both on and off the course, with lightweight hoodies now joining the classic cardigans and quarter-zip pullovers we're used to seeing on the green.

In photo: A432 - adidas Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

Golfers are adopting a progressive approach to attire by layering light zip jackets over long-sleeve UV performance tees and pairing sleeveless mock neck tops with skirts, skorts or “golf dresses” for women.

Nowadays, players also prefer comfortable apparel that allows for more movement on the course. PGA players are rocking hoodies, while men are ditching traditional golf wear for comfortable crew neck sweaters, half-zip pullovers, rugby shirts and joggers.

In photo (from left to right): 195970 - Columbia Women's Park View™ Grid Fleece Half-Zip; 8871 - J. America Triblend Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

Golf brands are pushing the envelope even further, creating chino joggers that look like classic chinos but feel like sweatpants, fueling the growing trend of golf athleisure. This has led to a surge in demand for performance pants and half-zip sweatshirts, which now share the greens with traditional khakis and polos.

You can also step up your clients’ game by blending traditional golf style with modern trends by showing them a range of relaxed polos with longer, wider sleeves, casual slim-fit pants, shorter shorts and athletic-inspired golf shoes. And don't worry about breaking tradition – we’re doing it respectfully!

Making the Switch to Sustainable Golf Apparel

When choosing golf apparel, it's important to consider not only the fit, style, and performance, but also its sustainability. Nearly all golf apparel, accounting for about 95%, is manufactured using non-biodegradable materials such as polyester, nylon and elastane, derived from virgin poly, which can take centuries to decompose.

But here’s the great news! Golf brands are stepping up their game by using recycled and regenerated materials like polyester, old windshields and even coffee grounds to create sustainable apparel. Plus, they’re reducing their carbon footprint, using less water and energy, and planting trees with every purchase. They’re also prioritizing fair treatment and pay for workers and collaborating with environmental organizations to create a better world.

Adidas is making great strides in this area using 100% recycled polyester for their lines of golf apparel and performance gear. So, if your clients are looking for responsible name brand gear with clout, adidas is the way to go.

How to Present Transitional Golf Styles to Clients

If you want to create a modern, cohesive golf collection for your clients, S&S has you covered. With a wide range of brands and styles to choose from, you can create up-to-date and on-trend programs that seamlessly transition from daily routines to the golf course. Plus, with the workforce shifting back to in-office or hybrid schedules, functionality is more important than ever.

As sustainability and health and wellness become increasingly important to companies, golf brands are stepping up with eco-friendly manufacturing and recycled fabric options, as well as enhanced features like UPF+, moisture-wicking and cooling technology to boost performance. To really make your apparel and accessories shine, consider marketing their versatility in multiple industries or use cases, highlighting their features and benefits.

More Opportunities

The evolution of modern golf apparel opens up more opportunities for everyone. Now you pitch whole collections with a wide range of exciting decoration ideas and fashionable options. It's not only about the plain one-color polos and quarter-zips. Now, it's also about comfort and how to stand out from the crowd. So, the next time your pitching golf apparel to a client, show them how they can create a fresh look on the green.

May 28, 2023