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Top 5 Fashion Trends for Winter 2021

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Top 5 Fashion Trends for Winter 2021

inter is coming, but you don't have to sacrifice being warm and cozy for the sake of fashion. This winter's trends are all about flexibility. Whether you're at the office or on a zoom call, going out with friends or cozied up on the couch, these trends are all extremely versatile no matter the occasion. I drew inspiration from the runways, fashion blogs, and social media influencers to compile the top trends that we’ll be seeing everywhere this winter. 


In Photo (From left to right): Weatherproof - Packable Bomber; Holloway - Women's Eco Jacket; Boxercraft - Quilted Pullover; Sportsman - Quilted Front Cap

This patchwork trend isn’t just found on your favorite blankets anymore. Quilting details are being seen on just about everything from crewneck sweatshirts, to accessories and outerwear. These quilted styles are just as fitting for work as they are for a chilly night around a campfire. Boxercraft just launched this stylish crew that comes in a variety of on-trend colors.

Shackets (Shirt Jackets): 

The shirt jacket, dubbed the “shacket,” looks like a shirt but is worn just like a jacket, making it the perfect piece for layering on top of your favorite shirt or hoodie. It’s a statement piece that’s the embodiment of versatility and can be worn in the office or out with friends, no matter the occasion. Usually you’ll see these pieces made out of plaid, fleece, corduroy, or denim at all of your favorite retailers — and as a bonus, they’re also popular for both men and women alike.

Sweater Fleece:

In Photo: The Columbia Women's and Men's Sweater Weather™ Full-Zip Collection

Sweaters have and will always be in style for the colder months. Not just for the warmth, but also because it is one of those classic apparel items that no matter how many times it gets reinvented, all versions never go out of style. Casual sweater fleece has accelerated since the shift in more relaxed workwear and the ever so popular athleisure trend. The term “sweater weather” has become so popular Columbia apparel even named one of their new apparel items after the catchy phrase.

Matching Fleece Sets:

Coordinating your outfit has never been easier. Matching sets are incredibly versatile, stylish and most importantly require little-to-no effort to put together. We’ve been seeing this trend take off since the start of 2020 and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. This is another versatile trend that can be worn in the comfort of your apartment or paired with a leather jacket to head out on the town.  

‍Puffer Jackets/Vests:

In Photo: The Columbia Pike Lake™ Vest

What’s the one timeless apparel item that’s a great investment, never goes out of style, and will most importantly always keep you warm? You guessed it, the puffer. Puffer jackets and vests instantaneously make a statement, while keeping you extremely warm. This winter you’ll be seeing large baffling and more of an oversized fit dominate the retail space. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, or the streets--your puffer can take an ordinary outfit and turn it into bold, trendy ensemble for those chilly winter days.

Now that you've seen some of the trends for this upcoming winter season, don't forget to keep them in mind on your next pitch for cozy fleece and outerwear.

Oct 12, 2021