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Why Infinity Her Headwear is a ‘Game-Changer’ for Women's Wear

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Why Infinity Her Headwear is a ‘Game-Changer’ for Women's Wear

n a sea of wholesale headwear, Infinity Her Headwear has discovered – and filled – a gap in the marketplace. While headwear is often touted as a one-size-fits-all accessory, caps aren’t always unisex or one-size, especially for women.

“Women’s headwear has been overlooked and underdeveloped. Infinity Her plans to break the mold and offer women solutions to the problems they have with caps, such as fit, style, makeup stains and [mussed] hairstyles, and do it with style.”
Ramona Watson, VP of Product Dev/MTKG at Infinity Product Group

Infinity Headwear’s management team worked hard to create headwear just for women. The brand’s Infinity Her line of products is specifically designed for women, from smaller hats, to ones that fit people with both shorter and longer hair. “Women have been magicians, wearing men’s caps forever and adjusting them for fit, as well as to accommodate hair and makeup,” Watson says. “Infinity Her focused on the details to make caps that come with the ‘magic.’”

Reimagining Caps for Women

The team at Infinity Her reimagined the “traditional baseball cap” – and added a variety of unique features designed specifically for women. These features make Infinity Her headwear an increasingly popular choice for women who lead active lifestyles – and want stylish, functional hats that keep up with them. Here's a closer look at them:

Contoured shape:

Infinity Her hats are specially designed and tailored with a contoured shape to provide a comfortable, secure fit for a woman’s head.

Narrower width: 

Many Infinity Her hats are narrower than regular caps, making them more comfortable for a woman to wear when she’s active.

UV protection: 

Infinity Her hats also protect against the sun’s harmful rays, for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

These features make Infinity Her headwear an increasingly popular choice for women who lead active lifestyles – and want stylish, functional hats that keep up with them.

Game-Changing Features

Along with some unique features, the insightful Infinity Her created two additional patented features that are definitely turning heads. “When Infinity Her says ‘made for women,’ it means engineered for women, delivering features that resist makeup stains and work with women’s hair, not despite it,” Watson says.


Elude is a makeup-resistant sweatband, a life changer for women who wear makeup and work out! “This sweatband, which is makeup resistant, breathable and moisture wicking, combats unsightly makeup stains,” Watson says.


The Evolve concealed ponytail opening makes it easy to wear your hair up or down, without the awkward gap or trying to push hair through the cap closure. Evolve offers both high and low options to accommodate different hair styles. Plus, if your favorite hat is one you want to wear with your hair down, with Evolve, the hat looks like a regular cap vs. one with a large opening like other women’s caps on the market.

Watson says styles with the Infinity Her patented Evolve and Elude features far outperform competitor women’s caps without these features.

Bring On the Fun Colorways and Patterns

Along with these two patented features, Infinity Her has introduced a variety of unique, fun and stylish colors, prints and patterns – with colors on the outside of the caps, and also on the undervisors.  

Some popular colorways and patterns include:

  • Solid shades: Your clients will love the range of vibrant and pastel colors, including aqua, fuchsia, lavender, mint and coral.
  • Prints: Match prints, like floral, animal, abstract and geometric designs, to brands or events.
  • Camouflage: For an edgier or bold look, grab a cap in a camo print and a vibrant color.
  • Stripes and polka dots: Choose hats in these classic patterns in lots of color options. 

These colorways and patterns provide a lot of options for customers to choose from and allow them to find a headwear product that matches their personal style and preferences. 

“The initial response to the patterns, colors and details in this line, including patterned sweatbands and seam taping, is exciting, confirming that women are more than ready for headwear made for them.”
- Ramona Watson, VP of Product Dev/MTKG at Infinity Product Group

Who’s Buying and Wearing These Caps?

“We designed all of our styles from research based on current market trends,”  Watson says. These caps are ideal for many industries, especially schools, financial and banking. “When you’re talking to buyers, ask them how many women make up their workforce, event attendees and target audiences,” Watson says.

“Also ask them, ‘Do you provide the appropriate sizes in shirts/outerwear when you run a promotion? Do you want to provide headwear specifically for women that will generate impressions that only a baseball cap can?’”

“The Magic Show 2023 trend reports and runways featured more baseball caps for women than ever before. Our current line comprises popular soft washes, color trends and unique patterns with patented Evolve and Elude features.” - Ramona Watson, VP of Product Dev/MTKG at Infinity Product Group

The line is competitively priced to caps in the promotional market, but slightly higher than basic caps in the industry, as the line has several unique, patented features.

5 Popular Hat Styles

You can find all of these styles at S&S Activewear, since Infinity Her chose our distribution centers to exclusively bring its headwear from retail to wholesale. All of these styles include the Elude makeup-resistant, breathable, wicking sweatband and Evolve concealed ponytail holder.

"The Janet and Hattie are gaining the most traction due to the unique patterns these caps feature. These styles both have an antique brass tri-glide buckle closure."

The Janet

The Women's Animal Print Mesh Back Cap - JANET, made of 100% cotton, garment-washed twill and soft polyester mesh, is available in on-trend Cow, Leopard and Zebra prints.

The Hattie

The Women's Garment-Washed Fashion Print Cap - HATTIE, made of 100% cotton, garment-washed twill, comes in popular patterns like polka dots, floral, camo, leopard print and stars.

"Long-term, the popular colors in the Tess, Charlie and Cassie styles will likely make them top favorites among buyers and wearers."

The Tess

The unstructured, six-panel Women's Washed Mesh Back Cap - TESS, made of 100% cotton, garment-washed twill and soft polyester mesh, comes in patterns like Royal/Florals, Sherbet/Stripes and Sunset Yellow/Polka Dots.

The Charlie

Try on the structured, mid-profile Women's Modern Trucker Cap - CHARLIE, made of 100% cotton printed canvas and 100% polyester mesh, with a trendy matching undervisor. The structured trucker is no longer a men’s-only style, as it emerges as a trend in women’s headwear! This style comes in lots of eye-catching color combos like Dusty Rose/White and Coral/White, Fashion Camo/Black and Snow Leopard/White. 

The Cassie

We also recommend showing your clients the Women's Pigment Dyed Fashion Undervisor Cap - CASSIE, made of 100% cotton, pigment-dyed twill, a pre-curved visor, pattern undervisor and seam tape. Get it in colors and patterns like Cashmere Blue/Floral, Lavender/Stripes, Rose/Polka Dots, Red/Leopard and Olive/Camo.

Mar 19, 2023