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Why the BELLA + CANVAS 3001 Unisex Tee is Showing Up Everywhere

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Why the BELLA + CANVAS 3001 Unisex Tee is Showing Up Everywhere

or the past few years, the BELLA + CANVAS mantra has been to “Be Different,” and that’s largely what they’ve continued doing in the wholesale market. The evolution of their entire product line has continuously shown the dedication they’ve had towards providing decorators and distributors with quality apparel that’s priced well, in-style, great to decorate on and something people love to wear.

Fast-forward to today, and BELLA + CANVAS tees have not only become the go-to for many people in the wholesale market, they’ve also found their way into the retail market as well.

“Consumers are realizing that they would rather pay for a shirt that’ll be worn over and over again, rather than a t-shirt that’ll be worn once and end up at the bottom of a dresser drawer – or even worse – at the bottom of a landfill.”
Ryan Moulding, Inside Sales Manager at S&S Activewear

But, what exactly is it about their brand that’s resonated so much with clients and consumers? To me, it all starts with the bread and butter of their lineup – the infamous 3001 “Unisex Short Sleeve Tee.”

Dissecting the BELLA + CANVAS 3001

“We’ve seen the BELLA + CANVAS 3001 become one of the most popular t-shirts in our industry,” says Ryan Moulding, Inside Sales Manager at S&S Activewear. “People want to wear t-shirts that are soft, comfortable, and have a good fit. The more a t-shirt is worn the more the decoration is publicly displayed. Decorators and distributors know this, which is why we’ve continued to see the demand for the 3001 increase year after year,” he says.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the things that’ve helped make the 3001 an industry staple.

The soft feel of Airlume cotton.

Without a doubt, this is most likely the number one reason that the 3001 is a favorite of many clients. Softness equals comfort and comfort is what end-users want. BELLA + CANVAS achieves this through their Airlume process, which helps make the 3001, one of the softest tees you’ll ever put on.

Don’t sleep on side seams.

You may not think so, but side seams could be the difference between giving a client what they truly want vs. what they think they want. In order to meet a certain price point that a client is looking for, you may end up pointing them towards a tubular tee. Although this construction helps to make a shirt more affordable, it could also make it less desirable to wear, and in effect, put a wrench into your client’s main goal of wanting people to actually use it.

Side seams give you a more flattering fit and are generally more comfortable to wear. You’ll also find them on most retail tees, so that’s what the general public is accustomed to wearing. T-shirts with side seams will usually be slightly more expensive – but – it could be worth the expense if it gets people to wear your client’s shirt over and over again.

The colors of fashion.

BELLA + CANVAS really does a great job keeping up with the fashion scene, and that means they’re constantly adding colors you’re seeing on the runways, on celebrities and in retail stores. This makes the 3001 an especially great choice for clients who have their own fashion lines and also for those who sell merchandise that needs to be “on-trend”.

Adapting to a sustainable future.

Another thing that’s helping to increase the popularity of the 3001, is BELLA + CANVAS’ sustainability initiatives. You’ve probably heard this a million times already within the past year, but it can’t be stressed enough how much this new generation of buyers is way more eco-conscious than ever before.

This will eventually start affecting the bottom lines of companies around the world – if it hasn’t started to already – so being able to educate your customers about how products you’re offering are manufactured will be key moving forward.

BELLA + CANVAS has continued to evolve their operations in a very sustainable way, but since no ones tells their story better than they do, check out the video below to see exactly how their products are manufactured today.

Is there a new standard for tees?

T-shirts are a HUGE part of our culture. People use them as a way of expressing who they are and what they believe in. Last year, we even saw them become a support system for all of the local businesses we love, as they were being used as a means for fundraising during Covid lockdowns. We’re also starting to see them being worn more often in offices and used as uniforms in restaurants and businesses around the country.

As we’re all wearing tees more often now than ever before, people are starting to become more picky about the quality and feel of the ones they decide to put on. The market for tees just keeps growing and growing, and with that, a new standard could be developing for what we all think a basic tee should look and feel like. Because of that, BELLA + CANVAS has seen their 3001 Unisex Tee become one of the most sought after today.

May 23, 2021
S&S Activewear
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