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4 Niche Trends to Sell in 2022

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4 Niche Trends to Sell in 2022

rawing inspiration from the runways, fashion blogs and social media influencers, here are some of the enduring styles we’re seeing everywhere—that your trendy clients will love.

Sunny Power Colors

Solar shades like gold, bronze, amber, orange-red, marigold and buttery yellow, so these colors are going to be hot all year long. People want to show off their sunny disposition, whether it’s from head to toe, or just in a t-shirt, hoodie or hat. You’ll see some of these shades in 2022 Pantone colors like Orange Tiger, a neon orange hue, with a touch of whimsy, or Samoan Sun, a golden yellow hue, or Poinciana, a “heated” red that makes a bold statement.

Industry suppliers offer a wide selection of apparel items and accessories resembling this energizing color palette. Plus, these gender-neutral shades look great on everyone. You can pair these sunny hues with neutrals in whites, tans, camels and grays, or even even a pop of blue to offer a contrast.

In photo: Both the Bella + Canvas' "Unisex Jersey Tee" and adidas® "Heathered 3-Stripes Polo" have color options resembling the boldness of Pantone's "Orange Tiger"

Don't Ignore the Prepster Influence

Like Y2K fashion mania, the prepster influence is also back in style due to nostalgia for retro looks. Fashion houses dipped into the preppy mood, combining traditional blazers with punkier pieces. Some of the styles readily available in the wholesale print market that fit into this trend include tailored outerwear vests, letterman jackets, crewneck pullovers, color-blocked sweatshirts, sweat shorts and baseball caps.

In photo: The Champion "Unisex Bomber Jacket" and J. America "Varsity Fleece Sweatshirt"

Another thing to know about neo-prepster style is that it’s influenced by today’s athleisure and streetwear. A prep pullover’s also about all-day comfort, not just style.

Faux Fur Is Still Having A Moment

Here’s what you’ll love about faux fur: It’s all over the place, in terms of how it’s used. Recently, Valentino used it for pink dresses and Off-White created a collection of fur jackets, hoodies and bags. Botter even released wild fur chairs. The point? You can go wild with faux fur, pick a toned-down texture, or just use it as a subtle accent on apparel or accessories.

For your clients, you’ll find cozy sherpa fleece pullover jackets for him and her, in both neutral and fashion colors. Some hoodies come lined with warm sherpa hoods. Sherpa is a synthetic fabric that’s curly and piled, so it's soft, fluffy structure resembles wool. You can pair these warm outer layers with hats that have a faux fur pom-pom. 

In photo: J. America's "Women's Boundary Shag Sherpa Jacket" and Independent's "Unisex Sherpa-Lined Sweatshirt"

For a much-loved, unisex gift, don’t overlook pitching luxurious mink touch and sherpa blankets that people will use all year long.

High-End Jackets

Moto jackets are hot, hot, hot this year on the runways and at retail. Also called biker jackets, leather and faux motos are in vogue. Big names like Alexander McQueen, and Balenciaga, debuted their take on the jacket recently, in both black and white.

A leather jacket is hard to come across in the wholesale apparel world though, so what's the takeaway from this trend? High-end jackets are continuously growing in popularity. People are looking them more as a status symbol or fashion statement, and this was also a key element of the Gorpcore trend, we talked about earlier this year.

When working with lifestyle brands or clients that ask for corporate gift ideas, keep this mind. There are more fashionable outerwear options in the market, that you can offer to give them that high-end feel, like the Quilted Packable Jacket by Weatherproof. The quilting and fit give it a high-end sporty look that sets it apart from regular bombers, and elevates it into a piece fit for a fashion house.

In photo: Weatherproof's "Women's HeatLast™ Quilted Packable Bomber"

Any performance or brand-name outerwear, that goes beyond a basic price point, makes an amazing gift or lifestyle piece. If the style is something the wearer would buy for themselves, they’ll love the brand giving it to them.

A Year of Trends That Stay Around

Sometimes, trends come and go, but this year, trends like sunny shades, stripes and prepster styles simply aren’t fleeting. These stick-around styles are ones to watch and pitch to your clients starting now, for the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

2022 spells an interesting time for fashion: We’re seeing a teeter-totter between at-home leisure wear, statement shades and styles all about exuberance. The result? Striking natural shades anyone can wear. Stripes that run from subtle to psychedelic. Preppy styles with a touch of punk and streetwear. The best part is that these wearable trends will be hanging around into 2023, so make sure you keep them on your clients’ radar. 

For a look at more product trends, check out our style guides at ssactivewear.com.

Apr 24, 2022