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5 Unique Hats With a Personality Your Clients Will Love

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5 Unique Hats With a Personality Your Clients Will Love

he use of headwear is a no-brainer for marketing businesses, bands, schools, teams and beyond. There’s a hat for everyone, and for the most part, they’re seasonless too. That means your client’s logo, message or branding has an enormous opportunity to be seen over and over again throughout the year.

In fact, just one logoed hat generates 3,400 impressions in its lifetime, according to the ASI Global Advertising Impressions Study. If your client spends $10 on a promo cap, the cost per impression is a mere 3/10ths of a cent! The study also showed that 69% of American consumers own promo headwear and keep it at least 10 months or longer.

These stats illustrate why upselling headwear to clients is one of the best and easiest ways to increase your order sizes. The potential additional exposure for your client’s brand comes at a great value, and helps you bring in more profit at the same time.

Because of this, it’s important to keep on top of knowing the latest headwear options available for you to ‘wow’ your clients with. Since we have one of the largest collections of headwear in the wholesale space, keeping up with all the latest styles can be challenging.

So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of our most unique pieces of headwear available now at ssactivewear.com.

Bucket Hat, Anyone?

Bucket hats were on everyone’s to-wear list in the ‘90s – and just like all great fashion trends, they’re back in style. Part of the reason we love bucket hats is the nostalgia factor.

Whether or not you came of age in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, people are gravitating to the music, movies and fashion of that era, including bucket hats. Today, streetwear brands, celebrities and influencers also have embraced the bucket hat as a major statement accessory. Speaking about trend resurgence, tie dye also is back on top – not that this perennial fashion favorite ever really goes out of style.

The Newport Bucket Cap by The Game

Look no further than this versatile, fashion-forward and practical accessory that appeals to people who want a relaxed, effortless style. The Game is a popular brand in the headwear space, so those looking for a bucket cap with some name recognition, this is perfect for them.

Standout Features:

This unstructured, 100% cotton hat comes in four whimsical tie-dye colorways. Each hat is totally unique, thanks to the dyeing process, making them a great item for gift shops, event merch or even as an addition to lifestyle brand apparel lines. With a tie-dye bucket cap, your hat and message stand out, lending a youthful, carefree vibe to your brand.

Power to the Flowers

Did you know that floral prints are one of the most popular patterns for spring and summer 2023? While florals always pop up in the spring, “this season, there's an incredible desire for maximalist dressing that correlates with the market's growing love for novelty – if not outright camp – details,” says Jessica Richards, trend forecaster and founder of JMR Trend + Creative.

“We’re beyond the typical expressions of floral prints and embroideries of past seasons and leaning into gorgeous, dimensional applications that take florals to a more fantasy level this spring.”

The Imperial The Aloha Rope Cap

Check out this structured, five-panel cap, which comes in lots of eye-catching, "beyond-the-basic" floral, desert and camo-themed patterns that make this a standout head-topper for all types of markets.

Standout Features:

To jump on the florals trend, we like the vibrant Blue Hawaiian, Floral Mist, Green Floral, Hawaiian Biome, Hawaiian Rainforest, Hawaiian Sky and Throwback Black. Blue Waves, Desert and Winter Blue all echo the natural world as well, but using unique geometric patterns.

This feature-packed 100% polyester cap is great for streetwear, resorts, gift shops or themed event giveaways. The Aloha Rope Cap has a performance moisture-wicking sweatband to keep you comfortable and dry, and along with on-trend leather strap, Imperial flip buckle and grommets.

Keep On Truckin’

The resurgence of early 2000s fashion has brought back laid-back hat styles, including high-front-panel, mesh-backed trucker caps, from the likes of Ed Hardy and Von Dutch.

Like the bucket cap, celebs are wearing this headwear style again, reviving interest among consumers. Enter DRI DUCK, a company known for its durable workwear that’s practically indestructible and built for tough, construction site job.

The DRI DUCK Territory Trucker Cap

Enter DRI DUCK, a company known for its durable workwear that’s practically indestructible and built for tough, construction site job. The geometric pattern on this 100% polyester trucker cap, makes it great for on-site workwear, zoos, and any environment-related job or event.

The abstract nature of this pattern also opens up the possibility of selling it to broader markets like schools, restaurants, coffee shops, breweries and landscaping.

Standout Features:

The structured cap has a moisture-management sweatband to keep you comfortable at work, and a snapback closure to get your perfect fit. The cap comes in earthy, camo-like or natural terrain patterns in Charcoal, Forest and Khaki, with a contrasting undervisor.

Daring Denim

This year, all types of denim apparel accessories are hot, hot, hot this season – from jeans, overshirts, vests and jackets, to skirts and day dresses, to hats, bags and sandals. Designers like  Chloé, Jacquemus, Saint Laurent and Veronica Beard satiated consumers’ hunger for head-to-toe denim options on the spring/summer runways.

The Outdoor Cap Denim Mesh Back Cap

Dive into this denim trend with this denim cap from DRI DUCK – a great choice for lifestyle brands, giveaways and all things jean-related.

Standout Features:

This structured, six-panel cap has a 100% polyester mesh back for breathability, and comes in two must-wear denim shades, with a contrasting mesh color: Black/Putty and Navy/ Khaki. Fashion-forward details include a contrast undervisor and contrast stitching, along with a denim hook-and-loop closure.

Captivating Color Blocking

Fashion experts credit Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Piet Mondrian-inspired sack dress that debuted at the fashion house’s 1965-66 show, with introducing color blocking into mainstream fashion. Recently, color blocking is more popular than ever and over the past year or so, we’ve started seeing this trend being used in lots of different fun ways.

The Sportsman Pigment-Dyed Trucker Cap

This cap is a great way for people to dip their toes into the color blocking trend without going all in. It's also a good way to top off a clients color blocked look or collection.

Standout Features:

Made of 55/45 cotton/polyester, this unstructured six-panel cap has a snapback closure for an adjustable fit.  Great for lifestyle brands, streetwear, gift shops, collegiate fashion and more, you can choose from over 15 color combinations that’ll give you versatile options to match your client’s branding.

Some hats have one body/bill color and a contrasting mesh color, such as Aqua/Stone or Forest/Stone. Other hats have contrasting body, bill and mesh colors, like Cardinal/Royal/Stone and Royal/Mustard/Stone.

Top Off Your Hat Sales Now

Just like in most businesses, accessories are the key to increasing profits. But remember, even if clients don’t bite on adding headwear to their order or collection, showing them unique options like these will open up their minds to more possibilities in the future.

From trendy bucket hats that evoke nostalgia, to vibrant floral prints and retro trucker caps, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration to create and offer something unique to customers, that they’ll remember and keep them coming back to you for more fun ideas. Visit ssactivewear.com to browse more of our vast headwear options.

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Jun 4, 2023