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How To Do Print On Demand the Right Way

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How To Do Print On Demand the Right Way

This session was featured in The S&S Virtual Experience (Feb 2021)

Print-On-Demand and the use of online stores took off in 2020. Marshall Atkinson, of Atkinson Consulting, leads a panel of industry experts to talk about this major shift and give you tips on how to do it right.

Featured Panelists:

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Session Takeaways:

Print-On-Demand is here to stay.

Not only did the events of 2020 lead to a huge spike in the creation and use of online stores, it also gave lots a businesses a chance to see the benefits that a print-on-demand model can bring with it.

Kevin Oakley, owner of Stoked on Printing, says that with many warehouses needing to close last year, businesses had to lean on them for fulfillment, because they weren’t able to do it themselves. With that, came revelations that P.O.D. allowed these companies to keep from worrying about warehousing and shipping out products, because decorators could now provide that service for them.

“We really feel that Pandora’s box has opened, as far as print-on-demand and on-demand manufacturing, in general”
Kevin Oakley, Owner of Stoked on Printing

Print-on-demand also has less of a direct impact on the environment than standard bulk production, so Oakley predicts that will also play a big part in the POD takeover.

Understand your audience is the key to success.

Shelby Craig, CEO at Rocket Shirts, had a great idea for a t-shirt design that would appeal to fans of the Tennessee Titans, his hometown’s team. Then hit struck gold! Using promotional ads on Facebook he was soon bringing in six-figure returns on his investment. All from one t-shirt, one design, with the cost of ink being three cents per print.

“We were finding that we could give Facebook a dollar and we were getting about ten dollars back. And, at that rate of return, you’ll never have to worry about money, because we understood who our niche was.
We understood who our audience was, and it was just a constant exchange – almost like the claw machine. I was putting in a dollar and I was getting the prize every single time.”

It takes some trial and error to nail down the right formula for a Facebook ad to be successful. Craig mentions that a lot people would normally give up after a couple of flops, and he almost fell victim himself. “I was almost done and I said “no”, let me try this right here – and then boom – six figures.”

Taking the time to experiment and nail down your audience is key to the success of Facebook ads. But, the effort is well worth the investment, if you can pull in numbers like Craig did, with just one design.

Mar 6, 2021