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How to Increase Your Profit Margins on Decorated Apparel w/ the S&S Brands & Fashion Model

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How to Increase Your Profit Margins on Decorated Apparel w/ the S&S Brands & Fashion Model

Since the early days of the company, S&S Activewear has always been all-in on fashion brands. Rather than focusing on developing private label options like many of the suppliers were doing at the time, we invested heavily on the retail brands that people still love and recognize today.

” The first thing I always say, when someone requests a non-premium item…is ‘why do you want that garment?’ and ‘what’s the reason?’
– Brian Geffen – President of Duds by Dudes

That investment has definitely been huge, not only for us, but also for our customers. Over the past several years, fashion trends have been increasingly influencing the kinds of apparel options that are available to and sought after in the wholesale channel. Because of that initial investment, we’ve been bringing those trends to you the whole time.

People no longer want to wake up in the morning and just put on the same tired old boxy tee, stiff polo, or plain embroidered woven. They want something that speaks to who they are as an individual. They want something, with a quality fit and feel, from a brand they recognize, which also gives them the ability to wear it from one occasion to the next, while still looking stylish.

So during a time when dress codes are expanding, customization is increasing and trends are rapidly changing, it’s now more important than ever, to capitalize on breadth of fashionable apparel options available for your business to sell. It’s time to start moving your clients away from the basics and towards premium fashion-forward options that’ll increase your margins and bring in the profits.

In the video above, our very own, Nolan Parker, leads an informative conversation with decorator, Brian Geffen and promotional products distributor, Chris Rosburg, to discuss this growing shift in the desire for decorating on fashion-forward and retail branded apparel, as well as how to convince your clients to buy premium products.

You’ll also hear how this is impacting their businesses, driving consumer demand, how the work-from-home movement is changing workwear, and get some terrific tips on how to set yourself apart from the competition.

Featured Panelists:

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Mar 5, 2021
S&S Activewear
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