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How to Incorporate Barbie-and-Kencore Looks Into Your Pitch Decks

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How to Incorporate Barbie-and-Kencore Looks Into Your Pitch Decks

ust as we thought that pink dust *might* be settling after the blockbuster live-action “Barbie” movie that captured hearts and raked in a staggering $1.2 billion at the box office, the Barbiecore movement still feels like it’s just begun.

What began as fond nostalgia and excitement for Barbie enthusiasts of all ages has quickly turned into what might be the century’s core aesthetic. Get ready to show your clients apparel and accessories inspired by Barbie (and Ken) that infuse our lives with contemporary flair and a kaleidoscope of colors.

The ‘Barbie’ Movie Sparks a Rush for Pink

Since the “Barbie” movie dropped, there’s been a rush to buy pink apparel, swimwear, handbags, shoes and more. Pinterest saw a massive 1,135% increase in searches for “Barbie aesthetic bedroom” between May 2022 and May 2023, leading to a brief shortage of pink paint. Online marketplace 1stDibs saw a 103% year-over-rise in searches for Barbie dolls, art and more – with a corresponding 100% year-over-year jump in orders for Barbie-themed merchandise.

Although the iconic Barbie brand is famously associated with its unmistakable shade of pink, it's fascinating to note that several emerging trends also made their appearance in the movie. From the ’90s/Y2K rollerblading ensemble to Western-themed hats, boots and bandanas, not to mention the captivating Mermaidcore-themed dress, these concurrent trends found their place in the film.

Barbiecore Fashion is Now Symbolic

What's even more remarkable is that the movie evolved beyond a mere parody of a childhood toy – it transformed into a symbol of female empowerment, and identity and acceptance. Gerwig expanded “Barbie” to include an ensemble cast of actors of diverse ethnicities and body types, like Issa Rae, Nicola Coughlan and Ncuti Gatwa, only adding to its inclusive appeal. This evolution was notably in sync with the Taylor Swift Eras Tour, further underscoring its larger cultural impact.

It’s also worth noting that “Barbie” has generated more collaborations than any other box office hit and has inspired over 100 collabs from home décor and goods to personal care products, accessories and clothing.

Our Top Barbie-and-Ken-Core Fashion Picks

As we mentioned, there are collabs for days between brands and the film, for everything from bathrobes to shoes, to hair clips and pool floats, and we’re here for it! Don’t be surprised if we see another amazing collab: Barbie x Champion with the brand’s Sport collection.

No doubt, your clients are looking to tap into this major moments so we picked out some pink, coral and rose-hued pieces to help you Barbie-fy (with picks for Ken, too!) your next pitch deck.

Crop It

1. The BELLA+CANVAS Women's Micro Rib Raglan Baby Tee and Women’s Micro Rib Baby Tee

Pink Pullovers

2. The Gildan Heavy Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt and JERZEES’ NuBlend Hooded Sweatshirt

Matching Sets

3. Independent Trading Co.’s Women’s Lightweight Crop Sweatshirt and Women's California WaveWash Sweatpants

Comfy Dyes

4. Independent’s Tie-Dyed Fleece Pants and Colortone's Tie-Dyed Joggers

Shimmer and Shine

5. Augusta Sportswear’s Satin Baseball Jacket Striped Trim and Liberty's Metallic Neoprene Can Holder


Speaking of Barbie’s main man, let’s not forget about the Kencore surge, all thanks to the Barbie film. Whether you’re ready or not, Ken-ergy is blazing all around us. Since Ken's introduction as Barbie’s boyfriend in 1961, clad in just red swimming trunks and matching slides, he’s evolved into his own fashion icon.

While Mattel has engaged designers to craft Ken’s stylish wardrobe since the ‘60s, Barbie historians note his limited impact on men’s fashion trends. However, in spring 2023, Mattel released special Barbie The Movie items. These included beachy pastel pink and mint green striped matching set (with surfboard), an all-denim look with an open vest and matching light wash jeans, and a luxe-quality white tracksuit with metallic gold color-blocked sleeves. That’s why we recommend pitching men’s Kencore styles, along with women’s looks.

Beach Vibes

To match Ken’s beachy vibe, we’re seeing a lift in neon and ocean- inspired wear.

1. Paragon’s Tortuga Extreme Performance Hooded T-Shirt
2. Paragon's Maui Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt
3. MV Sport’s Larsen French Terry Malibu Hooded Pullover (this style literally has Malibu Ken written all over it!) & Dyenomite’s Blended Hooded Tie-Dyed Sweatshirt

Accessorize With Headwear Flair

1. Infinity Her's Women's Washed Mesh Back Cap
2. Imperial's Hinsen Performance Ponytail Cap
3. The Game’s The Newport Bucket Hat
4. Sportsman’s Pom-Pom 12" Knit Beanie

The Evolution of the Barbiecore Movement

The question lingers: Will this momentum persist following the movie's premiere, or was it a momentary surge destined to fizzle as quickly as it ignited? The likely trajectory points toward an evolution. This phenomenon has transcended mere hype, blossoming into a full-fledged movement. For those of us who cherished Barbie during our formative years, a nostalgic twinge rekindled cherished childhood memories.

Meanwhile, others discovered a more profound and meaningful takeaway – a celebration of womanhood and its intricate facets. As the fervor of "pink mania" potentially wanes after October, which is linked with Breast Cancer Awareness, a more substantive transformation seems probable.

This evolution presents a valuable opportunity to nurture individuality and inclusivity, as the color palette has already begun to shift, with designers in forthcoming seasons poised to showcase cherry reds and bolder shades of pink. This trend will seamlessly integrate with flannels and oversized fleece, effortlessly layered over graphic tees and tanks, all emblazoned with the iconic Barbie font – a decorator industry favorite for years, landing on graphic tees, accessories and event decor, regularly employed by monogram boutiques and event planners.

This font's popularity extends to occasions like bat mitzvahs, bachelorette parties, baby showers and birthdays, with its popularity set to endure throughout the year, enhancing these special events. Many of our customers have been using it as pictured on their sites: CLE Clothing, Hardcore Italians, and United Monograms.

Long Live Barbiecore!

From its spark as a nostalgic trend to its full-fledged reign over aesthetics, the Barbiecore movement has proven itself as more than just a passing phase. Vibrant, inclusive and ever-evolving, it stands as a testament to the enduring power of cultural icons. As Barbie and Ken continue to inspire individuality and fashion, their legacy shows how iconic symbols can find new life and relevance today. Let's live the fantasy as long as it lasts!

Sep 17, 2023
Christina Marcantelli